Tuesday, December 30, 2008

His Holy Name {Introduction}

Before we begin our study of our first attribute of God on January 4th, I wanted to share a few things that Jean Nystrand, Executive Director of Bible Study Fellowship, said about studying God's attributes. I loved it, I have it written in my journal for this year's study, and I pray you enjoy it too. Here is what Jean said:

**God's attributes are what we know to be true about Him.
**His Word is His revelation of Himself to us.
**His attributes do not increase or diminish.
**They do not contradict each other.
**Praising God for His attributes gives us a high view of Him (seeing God as who He really is and ourselves as who we really are before Him).
**We can never know too much about Him.
**We need to know our Creator and base our lives on Him.
**Because of who He is and what He has done for us, God has a right to place a call or claim on our lives.

Also, I wanted to let you know what our keywords will be for both challenges. You will use the applicable keyword in any gallery where you post your work so that it will be easy for us to find your creations! These keywords will be used all year long.

His Holy Name Challenge: HHN09
Scripture Challenge: SCRC209

I hope you enjoyed Mrs. Nystrand's notes and that it gets you excited for January 4th. Please let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to join us in a few days! Blessings,


Tanis said...

Wow. Now I'm rethinking my decision!! I was going to do the scripture challenge, but I"m leaning to doing this one instead. I wish I had time for BOTH!!!!!
Thanks Patter...whatever I choose, I know it will help me grow :)

Susan Lankford said...

Thanks, Patter....did you get these from BSF retreat? I copied them so I can keep them close by during the year....Susan

Patter Cross said...

Hey Susan! Yes, I got them from the retreat and some from the latest newsletter! They are SO awesome aren't they? :)

Betty said...

Wow! This is going to work so well with the book we are studying in my Sunday School class, God As He Longs For You to See Him by Chip Ingram! I've bought by 8X8 album, and I'm ready! Thank you!

Elaine M said...

Hi Patter - I do have some questions. I've never posted a pic of my cards before - do I scan them into the computer and then forward them to you? Or do I need to take a photo of them and post?

I am so excited about this coming year - I've shared with several of my friends and think they will also be joining you.

Thx for this opportunity
Elaine Moore

Candace said...

Those are beautiful words and all so true. I'm looking to forward to this challenge.

Ramsey said...

Thanks, Patter! I am starting a journal this year, so that is my first page!

I will be joining the HHN challenge..I think....I might be doing the Scripture Challenge as well! Can't wait!

leanne said...

Thanks Patter! I'm getting excited for the challenge.

stampmonkey said...

Can you tell me what's involved here in this? Thanks!

stampmonkey said...

Sorry for having to leave two comments -- I just dug a little deeper on your blog and found out what I wanted to know. I think. lol Both of your challenges sound awesome...I just hope I can keep up with at least one of them. Thanks so much for doing this!

Teresa Kline said...

Patter, I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this challenge to us. I know the work you must put in to make it a success. For that I want to give my very best to you, but mostly to our Lord and Savior...thank you agian, may God truly bless you for giving of yourself! hugs to you Teresa*~*

Chere said...

I am a little lost. I think that there are two challenges? Correct? I will look back in your blog. What do I do with the key words? Is there a post with how to do this challenge? Are we making cards or 8x8 lay outs? Help!

Anonymous said...

Patter!.. I am so excited, I am officially a blogger with a blog site!.. Not sure just yet what I am going to put up there.. But for now I posted how to create a text box in MS Word to create some creative lettering. Anyway, I am excited about your new Challenge for 2009. I have you all linked up with the new blinkies!..

My goal this year is to spend more time reading God's word and understanding more of what I can do to glorify Him. Also, more scrapbooking your awesome challenges from 2008 and the new one for 2009.

{{hugs}} to you Patter!..


patti moffett said...

although I do not have a means to share my creations I want to participate in this opportunity to discover more of the Lord. Almost 35 years ago He instructed me to study His Names. He told me by doing that I would learn more about HIs character and His personality and therefore learn to trust HIm more. THE BEST ADVISE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. As I continue on in my walk (sometimes stumbling, sometimes running) my faith and trust grows and grows...He is faithful to His Word in ALL things...My favorite is Jehovah-Jireh, the God Who sees ahead and makes provision..
abundant joy be yours
patti moffett

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