Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Faith Journaling} Challenge #1

Are you ready to begin your journal? Are you excited about leaving your "faith journey" for generations to come? I hope you are. Today's question is one that we need to start with before moving on to the other questions. Here is your first question:

**Introduce yourself and share a bit about your desire for this journal.

As you answer this question, think about who might be reading your journal in the years to come. Write as much or as little as you would like, and enjoy!! See you next week with your 2nd question!



Beverly said...

I am really excited about starting a "Faith Journal". I am now an empty-nester who has been journaling for several years. Those journals were a mix of emotions, prayers, praise, venting, etc...(several of which I have shredded so no one would read them and be hurt). The last three years have been especially full of finding the faithfulness of God...finding Him to be more than I knew He could be...because I needed Him more than ever! This will be a journal that I am not afraid for my children to read after I am gone.

Bette said...

This journal sounds like a great idea and I am anxious to start. I like Beverly have jouraled for years but would not want everyone to read a lot of my writings. Like Beverly I have grown to see the Lord as He truly is,kind,
loving and compassionate and am looking forward to journaling about my walk with Him. Thank you Patter for this opportunity. I too would like to leave a spiritual legacy for my children.

Hope said...

I just completed my first entry! I am so excited to work on this faith journal. I have been journaling for years in all types of notebooks and now on my scrapbook pages. This will be a new challenge for me - to be more focused and to be led by something other than my rambling thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us to write out our faith legacy. Blessings!

Beatrice said...

I have a hard time writing in a journal because in the past what I wrote was read by other without my permission and all I wrote was used againsted me. So when I have written somthing down I tear it up as soon as I am finished with my thought. My husband has encouraged me for a long time to keep a journal, so here I go. We have one son who just turned 18 and I really think that this is a great idea that I will be able to put my thoughts down so when my son needs advise he can read it and I pray that durning this time that God will heal me in the hurt areas that I have. Thank you.

Carol said...

Hi There! Is it Patter? I'm Carol and I found my way here through Steph's blog. Though I'm a month and a day late (not unusual for me), I'm hoping to complete as much as this challenge as possible. I won't even be able to begin catching up until after Christmas, but I'm very excited. Thank you for this challenge, it's perfect for a project I've started called "Pieces of Me." Merry Christmas! Carol

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