Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{Faith Journaling} Challenge Introduction

I am interrupting our Tuesday's {Tip} today so that I can share my Faith Journaling Challenge with you. It will begin this Thursday, Nov. 19th, so I wanted to give you the information today so you can prepare!

Below is the introduction to the journaling challenge I started in July on Christian Paper Crafts. Unfortunately with my husband being ill and having been in the hospital, I am unable to keep posting so many things in so many different places. I also need the ability to schedule things in advance so I can work when God gives me those glimpses of time. So, if you haven't participated before, here are the rules. If you have participated before, continue to join in as I post each week! Our Faith Journal is such an important piece to leave for the generations to come.

Okay, everyone! Grab a journal!!! Any journal, notebook, etc. It does NOT have to be altered or anything fancy!!!! We are going to be writing not creating.

I think it is SO important to leave a faith legacy. Do your children know your salvation story? Do they know your favorite hymn? Do they know when you have a quiet time? Etc., etc., etc. Well, last year I created journaling jars and journals and gave them as gifts to my mom and my two aunts for Christmas. Each day they pull a question from the jar and journal whatever the question is about. Then these journals will be for family when they are no longer with us.

So, we are going to create our Faith Journals to leave for the next generation. I will "pull" our question EVERY Thursday. You will then write the question at the top of your page and then journal your answer to that question. You can do it in your quiet time, later in the day, or the next day. I am only doing one question a week so that people do not get swamped or give up because it is too much. I will be handwriting in my journal not typing it on the computer. I think our handwriting tells a lot about who we are too, and I know I love seeing my great grandmother's handwriting, my grandmother's, etc. It is like a piece of them I still have with me. I hope you will join me in actually handwriting too. Below are pages from my grandmother's journal and my great grandmother's journal. Oh how I love seeing their handwriting! I pray you enjoy this and that it is something you will come to love and treasure. Please ask your questions here, and I will post our first question on Thursday, Nov. 19! For those of you that have already been doing this, I will be sprinkling in the questions I have already asked in with the new questions since I am anticipating many new participants. So, let the writing begin!


Stephanie said...


I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's illness. I will be praying for his recovery and for strength & comfort for all of you. I've missed your more frequent posts but you certainly have an excellent reason. Your honey is much more important. :)

What a great idea on the faith journal. I will certainly be taking up the challenge...especially now that I'm a grandma!! :)

Take care of yourself & know you're in my thoughts & prayers.


quilter said...

Do hope your husband has recovered. I had missed getting the questions twice a week. I am caught up except for answering the last question. They have made me stop and think. I had never ever tried to pick a favorite O.T. story. I finally decided on Hosea, because it tells how much God loves us. I'm sure at another stage of my life the answer would have been different. Blessings.

Scrapycandy said...

I'm hoping I can do this journaling as I think it could really help me..it really is an inspiration to come to your website. Take care of hubby..you have loads of people praying for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Is this faith journal the same as the one you started in July?? I have been looking every Wed & Sat for new questions But there hasnt been any since last Wed. Take care and you are in my prayers! Judy

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Oh, how I deeply love this idea, Patter! I've mentioned to the grandparents that I'd love a journal of sorts for years. Giving a jar of questions might be further encouragement for something to write in the their journals. Thank you for the inspirational idea!

Always praying for your family!


Anonymous said...

I know I am a day late, but would like to join in this challenge. I have been trying to get my Mom to do just this. I will pray for you and your family, and am very happy to have found this site. thoughts and prayers, KJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter, only just found this! Sorry, better late than never I guess :). I love this concept and am hoping to attempt it among everything else one has to do but you are right we need to leave something for our children so they too can be inspired all ways. :) Many thanks for this and appreciate your time and efforts.
PS Your blog is amazing! So much to look at; so little time LOL

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