Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's {Tip} Hymnals

In October 2009, I posted a tip on where I find my sheet music for my paper creations. If you missed that post or have forgotten, please click here. Anyway, I found a new book this week that I love, and I wanted to pass it on to you.

In my passion for old hymnals, I came across a book titled "Crusader Hymns and Hymn Stories" by the Billy Graham Team. Well, I wasn't sure what this book was so I ordered one from Paperbackswap since it was free. It came in the mail this past week, and I must say "what a find."

The book is 288 pages long, was published in 1966, and contains not only the sheet music for many hymns but in the front there are many hymn stories to go with the hymns in the book. Some of the stories are written by Billy Graham and others are written by members of his team. There are 158 pages of hymn stories and the rest of the book contains actual hymns. Oh it is a wonderful, wonderful book. There are more of these books available on Paperbackswap, and I have seen some on amazon.com for less than $1. It really is a book worth looking into!  Have a blessed Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I've got one....it needs serious propping to stay open on the piano, but has held together fairly well.
Glad you like it, too--Happy Tuesday!
--Jennifer in Ohio

TLady said...

Sounds NICE! Will have to look at Paperbackswap! THANKS Patter! :)

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