Friday, February 22, 2013

Organizational {Friday} Project Life Stamp Storage

Most of you have seen my stamp storage system and indexing system. If not, please reference these posts:

As I have begun working on my Simple Stories/Project Life pages, there are certain stamps that I use a lot on these pages. These stamps can easily be kept separate from my other stamps. So, that's what I did—I made a separate binder for my Simple Stories/Project Life stamps. 

First, I got an empty Univenture Binder (the same binders I use for my regular stamp storage shown in the link above). I then used white cardstock and packaging from my Simple Stories products along with some of my stamps to make the simple cover to slip into the front of the binder.

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I wanted it to be nice and colorful! See how nice it looks on my shelf? I love to look at it. Color just brings happiness. Anyway, I will share my new storage shelves with you in a week or two. Now let's look at the inside of the binder.

For the inside of the binder, I got four of the Gina K. stamp storage sheets, and I began sorting my stamps and placing them on the pages. Once all of my SS/PL stamps were on the pages, I then wanted to stamp an inventory to be kept on the back of each page. I am not keeping these images in my Rolodex inventory right now. I may change my mind but I know what stamps are in this one binder. The reason I made it was to grab for my SS/PL work. Makes it simple. 

After I stamped each image that was on each page, I mounted the cardstock sheet on the back of each page. I decided to put the stamped images on the back of each page just in case I need to rearrange for any reason. Here you can see the stamped images on the left (those stamps are on the front side of the page) and another set of stamps on the right (those images are on the back of that page).

So, simple storage for simple pages! I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy organizing, and have a great weekend ahead!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!! I am loving these binders. As I am still reorganizing I haven't decided about how to tag them yet but for now I am just putting a med/small size stamp on the spine so if I want a flower I just grab the one with the flower. Then for the binders that have multiple themes inside I just place another stamp, example vintage stamp and kitchen stamp.

And I kept all the images that came in the packaging and slid it into the sleeves on the binder till later, in case I change my mind storing them by theme :)

Susann said...

Thanks for shareing this nice Idea with us. I was already wonderin how the best way would be to store them. As I dont have so much stamps right now I didn't had a problem so far. But also my collection is growing :) I am sure I will use that!

Thank you, Susann

Kim clayton said...

I was looking at your blog today to see if you have posted and NEW scrap room tour since your move but I don't see anything....

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