Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's {Tip} WRMK Envelope Punch Board

Recently I purchased the new WRMK Envelope Punch Board. I knew I would use it for envelopes but I never imagined what else you can do with it. It makes 60 different sizes of envelopes but look what else I have found on Pinterest:

*A video on how to make file folders (click here)
*Make tabbed Project Life cards (click here)

How fun! I can't wait to try them! And to see how to make envelopes, see the WRMK video here. Some places you can find this tool are:

Please note that this item now seems to be out of stock everywhere but several places are taking pre-orders. I have shopped from all of these stores and had great service from all of them.

Thanks for stopping by. Also please know that our family is praying for everyone effected by the Oklahoma tornadoes yesterday. Truly heartbreaking! Blessings to all,


Michelle said...

Wow! Thanks for all of those links. Good information!

LISA said...

I preordered my envelope maker from A Cherry On Top in February, and just received it a couple of weeks ago. Finally!!! It was sold out everywhere as they were all waiting for a shipment from the manufacturer. I am hoping it was worth the wait. I cant wait to use mine! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "TIP"!! I so want one:) Archiver's is the only place (where I live) that carries it - and they have a waiting list of 30 people! (and may only get a few in...) but I got on the list anyway~ hoping it's not next year! lol~

TLady said...

I think this is a FABULOUS IDEA!!! AND wanted one when I saw it! BUT, I wonder if we as consumers are settling for less than what we pay for an item (no more "quality"), when the measurements AREN'T CORRECT! AND the company just sends a sticker.(Which I've heard STILL has the WRONG MEASUREMENTS!)

It's ALWAYS FUN to find out a product can be used for MORE THAN one thing! :)

Natalie said...

Thanks Patter! We just got these at the lss where I work! I don't work today so I called the boss to have her hold me one! Thanks for the links, this will be fun to do as our weekly "make and takes" at the store.

Life Full of Sunflowers said...

I just ordered by envelope punch board and can't wait to get it to start learning how to use it. Thanks for the tip. Hope all is well.

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