Monday, January 1, 2018

Glory {Art} Rewind Challenge for 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Did you get a new Bible or journal for Christmas? Well, how about joining me for another year of bringing glory to God through art. This will now be my 11th year of sharing God's word through my art and paper crafting. And did your know that during that time, I have written 237 studies? I had no idea it had been that many. I know several of you have been here since the beginning, some have come and gone, and some of you are new. I am thankful for each and every one of you!

As I have personally gone back and looked at some of those 237 studies, I realized I don't even remember writing some of them. Some of them have such truths that I want to visit them again. I know that most have not seen or done all 237 studies. So, we are going to do something different in 2018. I am going to "Rewind" and look back at 12 of my favorite studies and share with you this year. I will create new art, update the study if needed, and add journaling prompts which was new in 2017. I am so excited about looking back, journaling these studies, and sharing with you.

Part of this decision has come from what God has put on my heart. Another part is looking at my year ahead. It's going to be an extremely busy one. Many huge things for our family this year and on the calendar through October. So, I hope you will be excited about this too especially if you have wanted to play along but have missed studies over they years!

I will be sharing different pieces of art depending on where God leads me as I look back. Some weeks I may share an art journaling page, some weeks Scripture Art Cards, another week might be a card or a scrapbook page, and others a Bible Journaling page, etc. God is pleased with any of our art forms, and my greatest desire is to glorify God. I try to do that through everything I create whether it be paper crafting, mixed media art, etc., thus the birth of “Glory ArtBringing Glory to God Through Art.” Let's look at the types of art you might create in 2018. Following that, you can read all of the details on the study.

Scrapbook Album, Journaling Bible and Art Journaling Pages, Cards--What Will You Create?
So, what will you create for 2018? What have you done in the past? You may have noticed that last year I created all sorts of different art. Maybe you are new to these challenges and would like some ideas.

Note: click on each link below to see more ideas for each suggestion.

*Create an art journaling page (top left photo).

*Create a Journaling Bible page highlighting the verse you have chosen (top middle photo).

*Write out a journal prompt and put your 2018 study in this journal (top right photo).

*Create tiny art in a tiny journal; click here to see how to make a journal (bottom left photo).

*Create art on index card dividers and keep in a box (bottom center photo).

*Put your studies in a travel's notebook (bottom right photo).

*Create Scripture Art cards and put them in page protectors.

*Create any size scrapbook page and put the pages in an album.

*Create a card and mail it to someone that might need to hear the words you have for them.

*Or create anything else you can think of; let God lead you.

*Or don't create at all. This is for you!

Wow, just look at all of the different ways you can worship and glorify the Lord through art! You can create anything you wish, and it can vary from study to study. These are just ideas! It is truly a blessing, and I hope you will join me! Now for more specific details.

If You Participate, Do You Have to Create Something?
Absolutely not! :) You can just study God's Word and keep notes. You do not have to create a thing! I personally love the creating part and someday my kids can have these creations too as part of my faith legacy. For those of you not creating, you may just want to keep a journal with your study notes. Those too will be treasures for the generations to come.

To aid you in your journaling, I will include journaling prompts with each study. You can also use some of the questions I include in each study as a journaling prompt. I hope those of you choosing not to create anything might enjoy this journaling option. See this post here for more information and ideas.

What if You Want to Study with People at Church?
Wonderful! Please have them study along. However, I ask that you not copy my work. I also ask that you have the participants print the study directly from my blog post each time. It takes me many, many hours to prepare these studies, and they are inspired by the Lord. The studies are copyrighted, and I pray that you respect that. Thank you! For more information, please see the section below titled "Will this challenge be hosted on other sites? What about posting on my own blog?"

Now let me share a bit about how this challenge will work.
**I will post one study a month beginning Sunday, January 21, 2018. Mark your calendars, and see the entire 2018 calendar below! :)
**Challenges will usually be posted by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on challenge Sundays.
**My post will also share some thoughts, scripture or scriptures that I chose (usually from the NIV), and a picture of my art for that week.
**Then you will study your Bible and find scriptures that are meaningful to you based on the study and truth posted for that week.
**I love using Biblegateway to look up single keywords in the Bible. It is a great resource for this study.
**Then you can create your art using your selected scripture and thoughts based on the study for that week.

Will you share any art tips?
Yes, sometimes within a post, I will share tips on how I created the art for that day.

Is there a time limit to complete the challenge?
No, there is not a time limit to complete the challenge. This is for you so that you can study and learn to apply God's truths to your daily life! You do what you can when you can. You may join this challenge at ANY time throughout the year! Encourage your friends to join along throughout the year!

Do I need to sign up?
No, you can just subscribe to my blog to get the updates e-mailed directly to you. Also join us on the Facebook page. See details below.

Will this challenge be hosted on other sites? What about posting on my own blog?
No, you will only be able to find the challenge here on my blog. Please do not copy the post to other websites or your own blog. You may certainly link the study but do not copy the study. Feel free to post a quote but not the entire study. Remember, this study is copyrighted. Thank you! And make sure you subscribe to my blog if you haven't already. :) If you have friends that you think may be interested in joining us, feel free to send them the link to this post! For more information, please see the section above titled "What if You Want to Study with People at Church?"

Will you have a Facebook page?
Yes, I have created a Facebook page for our discussion and sharing of art. You can find our page here. It is a closed group. Once you request to join the group, I will run through those request generally within a week or so.

Where can I share my work?
You can share wherever you feel ledyour blog, Pinterest, our Facebook group, Flickr, wherever.

What Hashtags Should I Use?
You do not have to use hashtags if you are not interested; however, here are some ideas for hashtags: #GloryArtRewind2018, #GloryArt, and #GloryArt2018.

Where Can I See Sample Lessons?
All of the previous years of study are here on my blog. But I will link a few here from over the years to give you an idea. Just click on the title, and you will be directed to the study.

*He Knows my Name
*Something in the Water
*Come Thou Fount of Every Blessings
*Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Is there a blinkie for this challenge?
Yes, but let's call it a button instead of a blinkie. :) It's a miniature version of the picture at the beginning of this post. I did not make one that blinks. It is a "stand alone" button. You will find this button in the sidebar of my blog and below this paragraph. Right-click and save it to your computer to add to your blog. I also ask that you link it back to this post or my blog. Feel free to add it to your message board signatures too. I hope you like it.

2018 Glory {Art} Rewind Challenge Schedule:
Challenge 1: January 21
Challenge 2: February18
Challenge 3: March 18
Challenge 4: April 15
Challenge 5: May 20
Challenge 6: June 17
Challenge 7: July 15
Challenge 8: August 19
Challenge 9: September 16
Challenge 10: October 21
Challenge 11: November 18
Challenge 12: December 16

To see all of the current challenges thus far for 2018, please click here. (Link will be active once challenge begins).

Please e-mail me if you have more questions, and I would love to know your thoughts on this upcoming challenge. New believers, mature believers, and unbelievers all are welcome and encouraged to join us! Remember, you don't have to create anything to join me in this study. Feel free to leave comments here or on the Facebook page! Blessings, and see you January 21st with our first study for 2018!


Jane Martin said...

Patter, I think the rewind is an excellent idea. I’m new to your studies. And, I look forward to your favorites. This year, I hope to create along with you. May God bless all your endeavors!

Jonia said...

Love this idea. Even though my life has been busy the last few years I hope to participate this year. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. Why re-invent the wheel when there are concepts worth re-visiting? I look forward to your posts, and have enjoyed and utilized many of your techniques and tendencies.
Thank you for your creativity, faith, and obvious heart for God and people (not to mention beauty, color, texture, and all the many artful things you showcase).
May this be a banner year for you and yours---love and prayers, Jennifer in Ohio

Susan M said...

I'll enjoy looking back at my albums from previous challenges ! Crafting styles may change but the truth behind your lovely words of encouragement never does !

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