Friday, January 2, 2009

His Holy Name Challenge Study Links!

Okay, this year, I will start the study links from the beginning of the year for your easy reference! Last year, I didn't "clue in" until October that you would enjoy something like this. Bookmark this link. It will be updated everytime a new study is posted. It will show the challenge number, His attribute studied that week, and the link to the study. This will be the one resource page for the entire year's study! I hope this is helpful to you! Blessings,

His Holy Name Blinkie
His Holy Name {Instructions/FAQ}
His Holy Name {Introduction}
Challenge 1, Holy
Challenge 2, Sovereign
Challenge 3, Protector
Challenge 4, Righteous
Challenge 5, Creator
Challenge 6, Almighty
Challenge 7, King
Challenge 8, Lamb
Challenge 9, Redeemer
Challenge 10, Lord
Challenge 11, Shepherd
Challenge 12, God Who Sees
Challenge 13, Jealous
Challenge 14, Eternal
Challenge 15, Immutable
Challenge 16, Judge
Challenge 17, Faithful
Challenge 18, Rock
Challenge 19, The Word
Challenge 20, Bread of Life
Challenge 21, Sanctifies
Challenge 22, Peace
Challenge 23, Banner
Challenge 24, Provider
Challenge 25, Messiah
Challenge 26, Immanuel


Tanis said...

I just linked up my blinkie to this post....
If anyone wants to do that too and doesn't know how to do that html code, I can send it your way.

HeathersHobby said...

I grabbed both blinkies! Thanks so much. You are incredibly talented. I just hope I can keep up this year. Thank you for following the call to lead these challenges this year. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of growth and learning.

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks Patter, I have earmarked the page and grabbed the blinkie and look forward to another wonderful year with you.

Mitz said...

Thanks Patter... just found you and these challenges from SCS. WOW! What a great way to "get into the Word" more. I posted both the blinkies to one of my blogsites. i love God's Word, stampin' & Scrappin'. I'm doing photography with verses too, so this will help me focus! Be blessed! =)

Here's the link to my blog

LORi said...

Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found this link via splitcoast and would love to join your challenges. Thanks so much for making this available! I am blog challenged so I had to choose an annoymous id. I dont have any of the other much to little time!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great challenge, Patter! I'll be playing along on my blog...just finished the card for the first challenge.

I'm excited to see what it looks like when it's all done - and how much I will have learned!

Anonymous said...

HI - Great idea for a challenge - however, it might be a nice idea to actually USE God's name in this NAME challenge. If you're not sure what His name is you can look it up in the King James Version of the Bible at Psalms 83:18.

{raisingAlexis} said...

just found this challenge ... looks great, I just might try to catch up!

Anonymous said...

I am going to use your challenge with my Project 365, taking and posting a photo every day this year. I don't scrapbook, but I love the challenge of finding a photo to illustrate a scripture verse telling of God's Holy Name. Thank you for letting me join in a different way.

Felicia said...

I'm so happy I found this! What a wonderful site you have!

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