Saturday, January 3, 2009

His Holy Name & Scripture Challenge {Instructions/FAQ}

I am getting a lot of questions of how to participate in these challenges. So, let me see if I can explain how it will work for both challenges.

**I will post an attribute of God or a word if you are doing the Scripture Challenge every other Sunday beginning January 4, 2009.
**My post will also share some thoughts, the scripture or scriptures that I chose, and a picture of my card or scrapbook page.
**Then you will study your Bible and find scriptures that are meaningful to you based on that word or attribute.
**I love using Biblegateway to look up single keywords in the Bible. It is a great resource for this study.
**Then you will create a card or scrapbook page based on the word or attribute and the scripture you have chosen.

Is there a time limit to complete the challenges?
No, there is not a time limit to complete the challenges. This is for you! You do what you can when you can. On occasion, I may offer RAKs, and at those times there will be a deadline. Watch out for those. :)

Do I need to sign up?
No, you can just subscribe to my blog to get the updates or join us in this thread on Splitcoaststampers.

Where can we share our work?
Alot of us will be sharing on our blogs and in the gallery on Splitcoaststampers. I will be sharing other places too. Wherever you share, you can use these keywords and it may help us find your work easier:
His Holy Name Challenge Keyword: HHN09
Scripture Challenge Keyword: SCRC209

Also, several of you are asking about the blinkies. Let me see if I can explain installation a bit better.

To install the blinkies to your signatures on different message boards:
**Right click on the blinkie you want to post.
**Save it to your computer.
**Upload it to your own photobucket account.
**Copy the photobucket img code to your signature line.
**It should work great.

Note: If you are using it on 2Peas, you will need to change each instance of img to image. They have it coded slightly differently.

To install the blinkie on your blog:
**Copy the code I have here on my blog for you. Make sure you scroll and copy ALL of the code or it will not work.
**Create a new html gadget in blogger.
**Paste this code there.
**Click save.
**It should work for ya!


**Right click on the blinkie you want to post.
**Save it to your computer.
**Create a new picture gadget in blogger.
**Upload the blinkie you saved to your machine.
**Enter my blog link as the link, and people can find the challenge.
**Click save, and it should work!

I hope this makes sense. Please e-mail me if you have more questions. Blessings, and see ya tomorrow with our first challenges!


Adriana Melges Q. Weingart said...

Hi, Patter...
I found your blog in a scrapbooking forum, and loved it...
I also love this challenge... I'd like to participate too... I think there is no problem in that, even considering that I am from Brasil and speak Portuguese as primary language... :)

Megan said...

Patter, I'm going to join in on this challenge!! I'm going to follow your blog, not the SCS forum, there are sooo many posts to go through. I will upload to SCS too! Thank you for this great idea!!


Anonymous said...

I'm In! I ask the Lord to help me with this since I don't have too much time for creating and doing art and other things crafty like I would love to. But God willing I will commit to this challenge! I would like to try it with ATC's since I've never done so, I hope that's fine. God bless!

MrsLoomis said...

Mine is posted on my blog. My plan is to do digital pages and the create a book at the end of the year...

Gloria said...

What a great idea to do two things that I love: God and scrapbooking! I would love to participate!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!



Crafteechic said...

This challenge was wonderful. I ran across it on scrapjazz/scrapbook. At first I enjoyed looking at the diversity in the creations. Then I started writing down the words and using to find scriptures. This was a great way for my to have a daily spiritual connection.

Amber said...

my friend Christina showed the challange to me and we are going to do the challange together I have been wanting to read more into and study the bible and this will be a great way to do it and show my creativity and enjoyment through scrapbooking to share with others i think that this is great and Pray that God will guide us both through this ! Thanks for the challange

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting and taking the time to explain al of this.

I have been away from Christ too long -- shame on me! -- and this is a good way to refresh my relationship with my Savior.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Bridgett Owens said...

Thank you for an awesome challenge! I am excited to participate. My friends and I live in different states, but we now have an online CHAT Bible Study once a week based on this scripture and I am so jazzed about what God is doing through this. May God bless you as you continue to walk in your calling.

Contessa Kris said...

I found your challenge on's blog and thought it a wonderful challenge for the new year. I may not be able to participate every week and I don't usually make cards or scrapbook pages but will try to make something when I can. Can it be anything (collage, mixed media, etc..?) I need more focus on my bible reading this year. Thanks so much.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I saw the button on another blog while blog hopping. What a neat idea!! I homeschool my two girls at home as well and I design for Our Daily Bread Designs. That has been a blessing to share two loves, my faith and stamping. This would be another way to study my bible.
Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Traci from Central Florida. I am THRILLED to combine Bible study with scrapbooks and cards, etc! What a great idea!

I have a bit of a dilemma. When I send cards to someone my husband and/or I know it gets a bit "touchy." My husband is still an Atheist. (Notice I say "STILL.") My family is Jewish. I now have a personal relationship with my Lord, Jesus.

Dave prefers strongly, that I not send out "Religious cards." It's funny, I'm not comfortable sending out "Santa" cards. I'm not just talking about the holidays. I mean Mother's Day, Birthday, Congratulations cards. I love to use scriptures, and I want to honor my husband.

He is currently not ok with ANY of the Bible. (Unless it is so frequently said that people don't even think about it coming from the Bible.) You know the verses... "There is a time...", etc...

I'm listening for any ideas. ..."
Thank you so much for any ideas on overcoming this, and still honoring my husband who I love very much!
Traci S.

p.s. About your site. Do you send answering emails directly to the person, or email them or anything? I can't come every day, and I'm not sure I'd find the right comumn again. Is it one long conversation? Thank you

thinker said...

Patter, I just thought I'd let you know that I started this way back in 2009 and well... managed to get about 6 attributes done. Life has thrown many curveballs since then and it got back-burnered out of necessiety. I was given today as a gift (day off work - not vacation - not sick day - just a day off simple 'because...') and as i contemplated how to use it I chose to spend 1/2 my day picking where I left off... So, thank you for leaving this challenge up. I am digging in where I left off :)
many blessings,

Patter Cross said...

thinker, what a nice gift for you to receive today. And so glad you decided to dig back in. God hasn't told me to remove them because it's posts like yours that continue to show me they should stay up. Have a blessed time of study!

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