Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scripture Challenge 2009 {Weeks 1 & 2}

Welcome to the re-posting of my 2008 Scripture Challenge. I know many of you found the challenge late in the year, some were never able to finish, and some of you are brand new! I am glad to have you all join in! I pray that you will enjoy your time of study and your time creating. Before beginning, if you haven't read the instructions/FAQ I sent out yesterday, you may want to glance at it. It may be helpful to some of you. You can find that post here.

Just a few more notes before we start:
**You may join at anytime throughout the year. This is for you. Do what you can and don't stress if you miss a week here and there.
**Use any Bible version that you are comfortable with as you choose your scriptures for each challenge.
**A great sight to find scripture searching on a keyword is Biblegateway! It also has many, many versions too.
**Remember to use Scripture Challenge Keyword: SCRC209 when posting to online galleries. It will be easier to search and find each others creations that way.
**I will post two words/studies every other week. They will be links to our studies from 2008.

Here are your two studies:
Week 1: Faith
Week 2: Kindness

I hope you enjoy these, and that the Lord blesses you as you study! I will see you on January 18th when I post your next two words! Blessings to each of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter-
I want to thank you for re-doing this challenge. I found about it in December and right away decided to try both of your challenges this year. In fact, I'm using your word studies with my family. We have four kids ages 8-16. Each of us is looking up scriptures during the week and finding one to share with the family during a weekly family time. I finished my faith atc tonight and posted it in my Scraplove gallery. Patty

Sonya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sonya said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thank you! I am looking forward to working on my scripture challenge album this year. I'm so thankful to see the Lord doing His work in you:)


oops sorry about the deleted comment (insert little blushing face here) Spelling error:(

Patter Cross said...

Patty, I LOVE your ATC! I can see it but I can't leave you a comment because I do not belong to that forum. I notice you said it was a hard size--it is different at first but believe me, it grows on you! I love that size now! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous card with the beautiful verses, and how awesome that your family is participating too. I just love that! Blessings to all of you!

Joyce B said...

Patter I am so glad you are redoing this challenge, I found it very late last year so I did not get to do many
of them. My first 2 cards are on my blog here.

Thanks again for doing this

Angel said...

Thanks For Doing Theses again as Well.. I just did my First 2 cards and its posted on My Blog..

Adriana Melges Q. Weingart said...

I could post (at least) my first LO...
A LO 6x6 (15x15cm), without pic:
It is mainly in Portuguese (my first language), but I tried to translate it into English also...
God Bless you!!!

Lori said...

Patter, I am so glad that God put it on your heart to redo this challenge this year! I just completed my first two cards (They will be posted on my blog tomorrow). And they are both speaking so clearly to me! Especially Kindness - We have started attending a new church, and I have joined a women's mentoring class - and we had to read the book of Ruth for "homework." Well - so much about these two words in the book of Ruth, which apply directly to how as Warrior Women of God we should treat one another!


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