Friday, August 24, 2012

Organizational {Friday} Fabric

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by a mess that you are paralyzed? Well, that's about where I am now in the unpacking department! It needs to get finished but I just don't know how to go about it anymore. I don't like that feeling. Well, this morning I was determined to work in my studio some more after leaving the mess for more than a week. I wasn't inspired but decided that I should just take one item at a time and eventually it will all get done.

During a break, I jumped over to Pinterest. It always inspires me. Well, I came across Dawn's gorgeous sewing studio. Oh my! One look, and I knew I would organize my fabric today! I used to keep my fabric in a chest of drawers. It worked perfectly. Well, the movers broke the 4th drawer, and it won't be fixed or replaced until the end of the year. Ugh! So, I decided to empty the chest of drawers and move the fabric to a piece that was down in the basement. This particular storage piece is from Target and belonged to the kiddos. They used it in the foyer of our old home for their shoe cubbies. Well, we are not using it in this house. So, I decided to turn it on end and use it for my fabric.

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I have spent all morning folding and organizing fabric. This is going to be wonderful, and I can tell I am going to like this more than the chest of drawers. I folded each piece of fabric into a 12"x12" piece since that's the size of each cubby. Folding the fabric into large pieces really keeps the bulk down. I like that!

Then I organized each cubby into colors. It looks so pretty sitting out in my room. Some of you may recognize this corner of my room as the corner for my new Scrap 'n Cube paper tower. Well, I moved it. LOL! Yes, I just cannot get this room how I want it yet. Also, I did e-mail Dawn and ask her if she has a problem with dust on the fabric and what she does about it. She said she hadn't thought about dust but was more concerned about the sun fading her fabrics so she keeps her blinds closed when the sun is shining in. I may have to do that too.

And lastly, some of my fabrics have a sticker on them with the name of the fabric and the yardage I purchased. I keep the stickers on the fabric as I find it very helpful!

Have a blessed weekend, and thanks for stopping by! Blessings,


Jonia said...

I love it Patter and I can say that I wish I was more like you! I have so much stuff in my craft room at this time that I don't know what to do next. I have to get it together, and, that did not come from moving either!!!! lol

Nancy said...

You'll love it, Patter! I've always stored my fabric this way and it's wonderful. You can always see what you have! Until you get all the overflow that ends up going into drawers that you HAVE to buy! lol You do have to protect it from the sun for sure! Also, if your using florescent lights in your studio it can also fade the fold lines if it stays in the same place for extended periods of time. It's usually okay if you use it up quickly or don't prewash anything. As for dust...don't let it in your house! lol When your fabric is displayed like this you always want to touch it so the dust doesn't have a chance! Sorry for rambling but I'm a fabric fan! Hope your weekend's full of JOY!...Nancy :o)

Unknown said...

I love the fabric Patter. It looks yummy, lol. Oh to have a stash like this. Do you keep fabric scraps, if so how do you store those? If not, I'll gladly take them off your hands,lol. I'm slowly building my stash. For now it is in a sterlite container.Nancy

Anonymous said...

WOW Dawn's Sewing Room is commendable, ineviable, and exhausting to accomplish, for me. Your start is also wonderful. Like you, I'm going through a lot of accumulatd craft things and I found "slow and steady" for a few hours every day is the best for me. That way it doesn't consume me! I manage it!

TLady said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Dawns' Sewing Room looks like a Candy Store!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! You ladies are SO BLESSED to have a place JUST FOR YOUR CRAFTS! My fabric is in a container under the bed. I just told my husband, I needed another container...!I can't imagine having a room like this! MAYBE, when our children are out on their own! (Can't wish that time away though! :) )And then I'll wonder IF I SHOULD! Will they be back? Will they come & bring their families for a visit? I LOOOOOOVE seeing your rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Patter! I also wanted to say, "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!" I got my Sermon Notebook today!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be using it SUNDAY! :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)

Teresa Zuehls said...

Love your Organizational Fridays"! Just ran across the one on how you store your ink pads. Now I need to get the Elite Ink Pad Organizer. It is at the top of my Christmas list! I also love the way you use the hook part of Velcro to store the foam pads to the bottom of it's matching Distress Ink. So I went out yesterday and bought some velcro and now I never have to search for the matching foam pad. My life just got a bit easier. Thanks so much for the tip.

donna schubeck said...

"Thou shalt not envy", but oh, Dear Lord, could I have one just like this???

Pamelyn said...

Fabric, like scrapbook paper, is very inspiring to me when it's on display! How lucky for you that you had a storage piece that was 12 x 12! As a scrapbooker, I think all storage units should be 12 x 12, regardless ~ but that's just me! Thanks for sharing!

Creative Genie said...

Great storage, Patter! Here's an easy idea for you; using hook & loop tape, affix a curtain to the front of your unit. Keeps out most of the dust and protects from light, and it's easily washable. You might even have a piece of fabric that isn't one of your favorites (yes, I have a few of those) to use for your curtain.


TLady said...

THANK YOU ALSO Patter for the little Book Mark!!!!!!! I remember you talking about making them in one of your posts! It's REALLY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just looking through the Sermon Notebook!) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I REALLY DO like it!!!!!!!! PERFECT SIZE!!!!!! :)

Patter Cross said...

Nancy James, I don't have my scraps stored neatly yet but I have an idea. Maybe that will be a future Friday post. :)

Becky, so glad you got the book and bookmark! I pray you enjoy it, and you are most welcome!!!! :)

Nancy, I didn't know you were a fabric fan! Too fun!

Teresa, glad the velcro idea has helped you!

Creative Genie, I did think of putting up a piece of fabric but I like looking at the colors too much. LOL! :)

Glad y'all are enjoying the post. I didn't realize so many liked fabric like I do! Blessings,

Anonymous said...

This was inspiring to me. Not only did you go ahead and just get started though you were tired and lacked motivation, but once you began, ideas struck and you went with it. We don't always make logical, linear progress, but I'll take progress however I can get it. Many pockets of life need to be better organized, but grouping and making sense of it all does help.

Loved turning the unit on end! If you use fabric regularly, and keep moving it gradually, maybe dust and fading won't be such a concern. Will you need to refold sometimes to keep the lines from forming longterm?

Thanks for sharing this---Jennifer in Ohio

Kim said...

My Mom organizes her fabric the same way but she has a huge metal cabinet that has she doesn't have the dust problem.

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