Sunday, August 4, 2013

{More} Afghans

Do any of you remember the bobble afghan I posted about in March of 2012? Well, if you missed that post, look here. That post also has the pattern I wrote. Anyway, I set it aside when we moved, and I haven't picked it back up. Well, as I was cleaning and organizing more this week, I was determined to just finish it. So, I did! Here is how it turned out:
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After finishing it, I washed it in Woolite last night, and it is so soft and nice. I am not sure what I will do with this one yet. I have asked our pastors if there is anyone in need but nothing yet. I am sure God will lead me to the person that He wants this afghan to go to.

Next Up
I have been working on my afghan after finishing the baby gift afghan I posted about two weeks ago (click here). Here is how mine is coming along:

I think I am really going to love this color scheme. And as I have been working on this, the family that received the baby afghan is also expecting again. Dad called in via "face time" from Afghanistan and watched the ultrasound on Wednesday. They are having a boy! I am SO excited for them. So, I dropped my afghan for now, and started this:

I will have about 6-8 different colors in this one. I need to finish it by next Tuesday as Mom and daughter are coming over again for dinner. I want them to have this when they come.

So, if you need a little relaxing or evening project, pick up some yarn and join me! I am finding this to be so fun as I work on them each night. The bigger blessing is praying as I crochet for the person that will receive each piece. Thanks for stopping by, and I pray you have a blessed Sunday!


Scraps of Elegance said...

Oh wow! These look so rich and luxurious Patter. I so elated for you that you finished the one too. I just finished a mini canvas entitled, "Done is better than Perfect." I think the universe is speaking to both of us about finishing those projects we started.

Valerie said...

Oh Patter! Your afghans are simply a work of art! I have never learned to crochet so I truly admire those who can. I absolutely LOVE the color scheme of all your afghans and these two are "totally my style" bold and bright! It is so wonderful of you to bless other with your craft. I feel that I kinda do the same with paper. I have 3 girls in a 3 schools and that is a lot of teachers and staff to show appreciation to throughout the year...I am not able to afford gifts so I create for them. I fell that it is win-win. I get to indulge in the craft that I love and create for a special person, (like you, I pray for the person whom I am creating for as I am creating) and the recipient hopefully will be blessing by my project. Win-Win! :)
Valerie Martin

TLady said...

BEAUTIFUL PATTER!!!!!!! BOTH AFGANS! Your friend/s will LOOOOOOOOOVE that you thought so much of them, to make them this BEAUTIFUL AFGAN!!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Brava, Patterissima!! These are gorgeous, and I nearly feel as if I could touch them by looking at the textures in the photos. Thank you for sharing your bold color schemes. I'm a beginning knitter, and love to make presents and pray for the receiver as I stitch away. We have a weekly needlers group at church and make blankets for our local crisis pregnancy center, as well as any other projects anyone is doing. Everyone gets a free Bible verse on patterned paper or somehow matted prettily and we read them; otherwise we talk about anything and everything! Great colors---Jennifer in OH

Susan M said...

I always love seeing your afghan photos Patter, they are gorgeous ! all the colour combinations are so lovely and they look so soft , I will have to try to learn !

Crystal Thomas said...

Those are just beautiful! I wish I had the talent to do this.

Sandi Clarkson said...

These are so gorgeous. I love to crochet but haven't much lately. My mom and grandma were awesome at it and taught me so much!

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous! I love your color combos.

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