Saturday, July 20, 2013

2 More Afghans {Complete}

Well, I have been busy crocheting away. I find this pattern is so easy to do as I don't have to think about it. I just crochet during family time each night, and I am still able to concentrate on other things. It's also very easy to take with me everywhere I go. I can see myself doing this pattern and making many afghans for people. So fun! Anyway, let's look at what I finished.

Afghan #1
If you remember, I was making an afghan for daughter #3. She picked colors from a Vera Bradley pattern. Well, it's finished, and I surprised her with this in her room:

I heard her scream as she saw it. She had not idea that I had purchased the matching bag. She is going to use it for BSF this Fall as she joins the adult women's class with me. Yeah! And here are some close-up photos:
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The Stats
Size: 53" x 40" (perfect for us short people)
Starting Chain: 121 chains
Number of Colors Used: 6 different colors
Number of Rows: 98 (2 rows of each color before changing color)
Date Started: May 24, 2013
Date Finished: July 9, 2013
Time to Complete: 1 1/2 months

Afghan #2
I was then going to do an afghan for myself with very bright colors. I shared those colors in this post here. Well, as I started crocheting, I thought it might be a little too bright. I have waffled back and forth as to whether or not I want a bright afghan or something more subdued for myself. I continued to crochet away, and I decided that this would make a perfect baby blanket for the 14 month old that my daughter takes care of each day. You may remember seeing some of the scrapbook pages I made for their family while her dad is serving in Afghanistan. 

I started praying over this afghan, and I am indeed giving it to the baby. Mom and baby are coming for dinner on Sunday night, and I will present it to them then. I am SO excited to give it to her. It only took me 9 days to make. Here is how it turned out:
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The more I look at it, the more I think I would like the bright colors especially with the white trim. I have picked other colors for now (see below). If I don't like it, I can give it away too. :)

The Stats
Size: 26 1/2" x 40" (perfect baby size)
Starting Chain: 121 chains
Number of Colors Used: 9 different colors
Number of Rows: 48 (2 rows of each color before changing color)
Date Started: July 10, 2013
Date Finished: July 19, 2013
Time to Complete: 9 days

My Afghan
I think for now that I have decided to use this color scheme for my afghan:

Isn't it pretty? If you want the instructions for these gorgeous flower circles, click here to see Annie's tutorial.

As far as the pattern I am using. I linked you to it in this post here previously. However, I have tweaked it a bit as I have found some things that work better for me. I am in the process of writing the pattern I am using, and I will post it soon. :)

Oh, and if you noticed above, I have put "time to complete" under the stats of each afghan. The reason I am doing that is for my own reference. I have never in my life completed an afghan in a year let alone 3 in 3 months. It is a record for me, and my family is shocked! So, I am having fun keeping my own stats here, and I know where to find them.

Thanks for stopping by. Off to get my colors ready to start my afghan today! Blessings,


Jill Norwood said...

Beautiful afghans! And thanks for the link! I love crocheting! And I wish I had taken pictures of all the different things I have made over the years! I am going to start an afghan for my room as I just got a new quilt in turquoise! Thanks for the inspiration my dear! :)

Penny Smith said...

Nothing about the stitch?? Did you post previously about the stitch and your "how to" on the first 2 afghans?

Patter Cross said...

Penny, the link and information about the stitch are in this post. :)

TLady said...

WOW PATTER!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!! The family you are giving the second afghan to will LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!:) I remember when a lady from church gave me a HOMEMADE Blanket for our son when he was born! It meant SOOO VERY MUCH & I still treasure it! :) LOOOOOOOOOOVE the round pattern too!!!!!! SO DIFFERENT & GORGEOUS COLORS!!!!!!;)

Stephanie said...

You daughter has to be thrilled with her blanket and the bag. I know she'll treasure them both. The blanket for the toddler is perfect!! Both are such special gifts and so beautiful!! I LOVE the colors you've chosen for your afaghan. So beautiful and I think they suit you. Can't wait to see the finished result. My mother loved to crochet and, like you, would take it with her and crochet everywhere. I treasure the blanket she designed for me.

Valerie said...

Oh gosh Patter! They are all gorgeous! How tickled you must have been to hear your daughter scream! Totally worth all the work you put into it! How sweet of you to give the second blanket to that precious baby. I am sure it will be cherished! It would be if it was given to my baby! Your afghan it going to turn out stunning. I LOVE the pattern and the color combo!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Patter, how gorgeous! How did you find the time (MAKE the time) to crochet all these while setting up and photographing & videotaping your new craft room, too? I am so impressed!!!! Right now I only knit at a very basic level, but I'm hurrying to finish a birthday afghan for Tuesday---and I really hope to bind off, then wash and dry it before giving. Your choices of colors and the lovely stitching are a wonderful gift for these who will receive them. Bless you---and those who'll be warmed by your loving creativity! Jennifer in OH

Susan M said...

They are all gorgeous, I like all the colour schemes. Your friend will be thrilled with the baby afghan, you are so talented Patter!

Chloe said...


Denischa Van Moll said...

That is beautiful.

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