Friday, May 6, 2016

Organization {Friday} Stencils

Finally my stencils are organized in a way that I think will stick for many years. In the past, I have had them hanging from my large Simply Renee Clip it Up along with other things. Then I moved them to a box that sat on my art table. I did not care for the box so I began looking at moving them back to a Clip it Up but this time to a Mini Clip it Up. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available but many of you have them stashed in your closets or you can still find them on eBay, etc. 

To Start
So, this past week I began the task of reorganzing them all. I started by setting the stack on the steps to my studio. It made it easier to sit on the steps, spread out, and work. I dictated the name and manufacturer of every single stencil into a note on my phone. It was very quick to dictate them as I worked. Now I have a digital list of all of my stencils. 

The Mini Clip it Up
First, the Mini Clip it Up is perfect for my stencils. It fits on my art table, they hang nicely, and it fits a wide variety of sizes. The stencils sizes I have on here are:

4.3" x 5.7"
4.125″ x 8.5″

They all fit on here so well, and they are easy to grab, use, wash, and put away. And yes, I usually wash my stencils. If they are still a bit wet after washing, they will dry nicely like this. I wash them because I have found that some paints, mists, etc., do react with other products and end up on my pages. It's not always the color I want, and I don't like the mess. So, washing it is for me. :) I have a few that I did not get washed so you will see a few dirty ones.

Hanging the Stencils
To hang the stencils, I used two different products. I used the Simply Renee clips, and I also used clear J hooks that I got from They look like this:

The reason I used two different items to hang the stencils is first because if I only used the Simply Renee clips, all of my stencils would not fit. The clips are awesome but they do take up a bit of room. I only used the clips on stencils in which the clear J hook would not work for instance, intricate doily stencils, etc. The clear J hooks don't take up any room at all, and you can fit more stencils on the Mini Clip it Up. Here you can see a J hook on a Tim Holtz stencil. This makes storage super flat, and if these clips get paint on them, no problem. They are plastic.

Identifying the Stencils
Some companies have their name along with the stencil name printed right on the stencil just like the Tim Holtz stencil above. Love that. Some, however, do not. In those instances, I used my permanent marker to write the name on the stencil itself. This helps when I create products lists for a blog post.

Storage Order
I put the stencils on the Clip it Up in alphabetical order by design. For instance:

Etc., etc., etc.

I chose not to put them in order by stencil name because I can never remember the name of a particular stencil, and I certainly don't always remember the manufacturer either. This works for me.

Well, I hope this has been helpful and that some of you may resurrect those old mini Clip it Up units. Have fun organizing, and let me know your thoughts or if you have questions in the comment section below. Have a blessed weekend!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art {Journaling} Inspiration Journal iw1.20.16

I am back with another entry in my Inspiration Journal. I am thinking of this journal as my "chunky and new technique" journal. It's so different from my normal style, and it's certainly fun to try. For today's entry, Donna used numbers on her page. I decided to use a scripture as I love to use scriptures on most of my work. For those of you have that followed me for some time, you already know that. :) Anyway, I loved the word "valuable" in this scripture:

Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"

What a great reminder that we are valuable to Him!!! So here is how I journaled Matthew 6:26.

And since this is my "chunky journal," I pulled out my awesome Blue Fern Studios chipboard to add to the page. I had fun painting this fence. And the postage stamps remind me of the years I lived in England. Oh how I miss it.

Papers: Canson mixed media paper 
Stamps: Tim Holtz Tall Text, Becky Higgins date stamp, Technique Tuesday Favorite Circles 
Stamp Ink: Archival Ink sepia, Hero Hues India ink 
Paints: Liquitex gesso and light modeling paste; Golden Fluid Acrylics burnt umber light and yellow ochre; Glimmer Mist suede and mustard seed, Martha Stewart Satin lime zinger 
Tools: Ranger Mini Round Blending tool, Tim Holtz tiny attacher 
Embellishments: Blue Fern Studios country picket fence and Blue Fern bits chipboard, misc number tickets, misc. tag, used postage stamps, bird tissue paper, masking tape

Well, thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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