Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colorful {Crochet}

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Well, I have only been working on this piece for 2 weeks, and I am almost done. I think that is a new record for me. This pattern works up very fast, and I am excited to finish and start another one. My oldest daughter (by a minute) wants this one so it's my gift to her. I am praying for her as I stitch each row. With two of them leaving for college soon, I find myself praying so much more for them! Not sure how that's possible.

The Pattern
The pattern I am using is this shell afghan pattern here. I chained 121, however. I find that is a perfect size and plenty wide. I actually made a scarf using this pattern before but didn't realize it was the same pattern until after I got going. I have it memorized so it helps and makes it work up so much faster.

The Yarn
I am using a mix of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn and Vanna's Choice Yarn. The colors I am using are:
  • Cranberry
  • Soft Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Pistache
  • Antique White
  • Periwinkle
  • Grape
  • Dusty Green (Vanna's Choice)
  • Pink
The Edging
I am going to do a scalloped edge but I am not sure if I should do it in the cranberry yarn for a nice "pop" or in the antique white yarn to look like lace. What do you think?

Close-Up Photos
And here are a few close-ups. I hope you enjoy! I may have to repeat this color scheme again because it just makes me happy to look at!

I will see you tomorrow with a new Hymn and Scripture Challenge post. Blessings,


June K said...

Very lovely, Patter. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I want to try my hand at crochet.

Mirabyll said...

Oh, I love this! It is beautiful! What a wonderful gift from a mother to a daughter!

Susan M said...

Absolutely beautiful Patter! Oh to be able to crochet! The colours are gorgeous. What a wonderful gift for your daughters.

TLady said...

CRANBERRY!!!!! :) Finish off in Cranberry! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOVE your color combo! :) Thank you for the link! I am a knitter but, TRY my hand at crocheting from time to time---with the How To book next to me the whole way! LOL :)I JUST read something that said, for those College bound kids, a hand made afgan is a SUPER GIFT!!!!! I AGREE!!!!!! :)

Miss Kathy said...

This is beautiful. Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

BRAVA, Patter!!! This is amazing and will surely be precious to your girl. I am a very beginning knitter, but this makes me think of branching out....Happy Mother's Day to you and your family---Jennifer in OH

P.S. I like the cranberry for a border, too. What does your daughter prefer?

Patter Cross said...

Agh, thanks everyone! And Jennifer, my daughter prefers the cranberry border. So, I think we will go with it. I may create this color scheme again as I love it so much. I may try the antique white on the 2nd one. :) Have fun knitting, and if you want some great online crochet tutorials, let me know. I found some for my girls but they were interested. :( Blessings,

Angela Hoynes said...

What beautiful work you do, it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I wondered if you were still going to do the hymn and scripture lessons. I know you have a lot on your plate but I am missing them. :-) Hope Caitlyn's physical therapy is helping her headaches and pain.
Sherri in Phoenix

Patter Cross said...

Sherri, check out the last line in my post below the last photo. :) Sorry I missed the week were on vacation. Tomorrow's will be posted around 1 a.m. Eastern. It's done and scheduled. :) Hope you enjoy it. And thanks for asking about Caitie. Still rough going here. Need to update her CaringBridge. Blessings,

Mrs Frizz said...

well I have to say I am the odd one out ... white for me for that border ... so yep, I'm thinking that you are going to have to make another one and do show and tell with a white bordered edge.

Marie/Mison said...

Wow that is stunning. I wish I could crochet..

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