Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afghan {Updates}

Today I wanted to share with you an update on my afghan along with a few other crochet things. First, if you remember, I made daughter #1 an afghan. I finished it and posted it here. In that same post, I also shared that I was now making another afghan but this time for daughter #3. She picked her colors based on a Vera Bradley pattern she loves. Well, what she doesn't know is that I purchased a bag for her in that pattern, and I am going to give her the bag with the finished afghan. Oh, I pray she doesn't read my blog today. LOL! Anyway, here is how it is coming along:
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I could have used a brighter yellow but she loved the softer yellow instead. Also, the colors a more vibrant in person. The camera was not cooperating today. LOL! I am about half way done with her afghan, and I hope to finish it soon because I have now found the colors I will use for my own afghan.

My Afghan Colors
As I was looking at Pinterest the other day and pinning some project life cards, I noticed this amazing color scheme:
You all know how color makes me happy, and these colors are just perfect for a cheerful afghan! As you can see, I got the color scheme from You will want to visit her site as she has many amazing Project Life cards to download free! Just look in the right-hand margin for "popular freebies." 

Nancy's Square
And now for a little fun. My best friend from college, Nancy, mailed me a sweet, sweet package this week! I had a really bad week, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Anyway, she always writes such beautiful LONG letters (yes, handwritten) and she truly uplifts my spirit. She still shares the things that kids don't appreciate these daysreal mail, with a real letter. Anyway, she also mailed me a crochet pattern and a swatch of the afghan pattern. 
Note: Photo taken by Patter but crochet done by Nancy! :)

And can you see she even did it in my favorite color? What a sweetheart!!! It looks so complicated though! She mailed me a pattern similar to the one her aunt wrote down for her 20 years ago, and she still uses the pattern to make afghans of all sizes and handtowels. I would love to give it a try if I can do it. Can you imagine a bunch of these little squares in different colors and put them together like granny squares? Ooh, fun! Anyway, I did find information on the pattern she mailed me on Ravelry. You can see it here. I also found a video tutorial here which looks very helpful. I am a visual person so this will work better for me. And here is another tutoriala pdf. I hope all of this helps you too! And thank you, sweet Nancy, for thoughtfulness!

Well, thanks for stopping by. I will share the actual yarn I will use for my afghan soon. I think I have all of the colors except the orange. Time to shop. :) Blessings,


TLady said...

Your daughter will LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this Patter!:) IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!:) AND your NEW pattern your friend sent you is GREAT!!!!!! (I couldn't figure out which pattern it was on the site you gave--from the pictures they gave.):( Can't wait to see what you'll make with it too! :)(OH HOW I WISH I had a friend that sent LETTERS!!!!!!!)

Patter Cross said...

The pattern on Ravelry uses different colors. Nancy doesn't use the added color in the diagonal. I did just find a video tutorial which I think is better. I added it to the post. Here is is:

And yes, her real letters are awesome. My carpal tunnel bothers me so much that I don't write very often except REAL thank you notes. :)

Valerie said...

The afghan that you are making your daughter is turning out gorgeous and it is SO sweet that you have gotten her the inspirational bag! I just love it!

You do have a sweet friend to have send you such a long hand written note (such a lost art) and your crochet sample. I know you will create something gorgeous with that pattern!

Be Blessed,

Susan M said...

The afghan is gorgeous ,love the colours .What a great ideas to put it in the matching bag ,she will love it ! I need to write a letter to an aunt in Australia who doesn't use a computer, I have been meaning to write it since Christmas your friend may have just inspired me to get my pen and paper out !

Anonymous said...

Your daughter will love her matching gifts! Did I miss where you pisted your friend, Nancy’s oattern ... the actual written one?? If you dudn’t that would be nice plus a simple solution to sharing the pattern .

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