Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's {Tip} Freezer Paper

Do you have a non-stick craft sheet? Tim Holtz makes one, and years ago there was a pink one made by another company. There are probably others out there also. Anyway, they can be expensive and sometimes they get damaged and you have to replace them. Anyway, I have found a wonderful alternative that I wanted to share with you:
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Yes, it's Reynolds Freezer Paper. It is even plastic coated on one side and says that it works for arts and crafts also. I am here to tell you it does. It is wonderful stuff. I found it in Wal-Mart with the foil and other Reynold's products. This particular box has 150 feet. That will certainly take me a long while to go through! I keep a sheet on my art journal table. Underneath that sheet I keep sheets of packing paper. Sometimes I need to have regular paper, and that works perfectly underneath the Freezer Paper. When the Freezer Paper gets yucky, I just tear off a new sheet. It does take a while for that to happen though. I probably will never have to buy another box!

So, next time you are in the grocery, pick up a box of Freezer Paper. Hope that helps! Have a blessed Tuesday!


Stephanie said...

What a great tip. I have a small craft sheet but the freezer paper would be great because of it's size. Do you usually use it plastic size up?

Susan said...

Terrific tip!!! I happen to have some in my kitchen now. My craft sheet from Ranger is just about shot...nice to know I can save my $$$ for more fun things!

Patter Cross said...

Stephanie, yes, I use it plastic side up. :) It's shiny on that side.

And Susan, glad you already have some! You will have to let me know what you think after you try it out! Enjoy!!

KellyRae said...

Great tip for another use for that 150 foot roll of marvelous freezer paper. THANK you for that tip! I usually use the freezer paper for the 'hot card' technique where you melt the plastic to pretty one-ply napkins or patterned tissue paper (that's been crumpled and smoothed flat).
card 1 and card 2.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Patter! I need to replace the junky paper on my table to protect against ink, glue, etc.. and will look for the freezer paper soon. I do enjoy bargains---your blog, at a whopping cost of, well, nothing monetary, is a terrific value to us who read it. Thank you! Jennifer in Ohio

Anonymous said...

I use freezer paper too, but I have found that it's actually cheaper at the grocery store instead of Walmart, at least in my neck of the woods. Usually it's the other way around, paper goods are usually cheaper at Walmart. But at my Walmart the freezer paper is around $5, whereas at Publix and Ingles, it's only $3. Go figure.... Now, I if I could only figure out a way to keep it from wanting to roll back up when I first pull it off the roll. Do you have any tips for that??


DottyA Cards & Things said...

I SOOooo needed a non-stick craft sheet and was holding out for a coupon... but I have the Freezer Paper already!!!!
I going to cut a sheet off now and have it ready for next time!!!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

It's me again... just want to let you know I've been using the Freezer paper since my comment and Love it!!!
Thanks so much for sharing this cheap/easy idea!!!!

Unknown said...

I have found teflon sheets for the bottom of the oven that are exactly the same as the craft sheets. I get them at my local home improvement store for 4.99 but wait until they go on sale for 1.99 and stock up. They are the same size as the $15 ones you buy from Tim Holtz. 2 great ways to save your crafting $$ to buy fun stuff!

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