Friday, April 18, 2014

Organizational {Friday} IKEA Goodies Means Changes

I placed an IKEA order last week. The closest store to me is an hour away. So, I loaded up my cart, and paid $26 shipping for the goodies noted below. It certainly was worth it as it saved me time and gas. My box arrived earlier this week, and here is what was inside:

Today I wanted to show you the first Raskog cart. I have moved my original grey Raskog cart to my pantry. The second Raskog will be used for my art journaling supplies. Here is a short video of the new teal filled cart for Project Life. I still store my cards the same. To see how I store them, please click here for that post.

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If you couldn't tell from the video, my favorite new piece is the wire basket. I should have gotten more than one of those! The links for each product are noted in the bulleted section above. Just click on the product name.
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If you are interested in printing Project Life Card Design Reference sheets, please click here. Not all of the kits are there but most of them are. It really is a handy reference! I just printed them double-sided and keep in the pink binder.

I hope you find something helpful here today! Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate you! Blessings,


scrapbookertink said...

Gorgeous storage, love Ikea x

Hannah said...

Love your organization! I have that exact same cart! I used it for supplies in my classroom this year but thinking of using it for PL for the summer and possibly buying a second one for my classroom. Your shopping list in the post mentioned that you got 3 of the Antonius containers. I didn't see those in the video and it doesn't appear that you use that for your cards. I was thinking about getting those to hold my cards in but I am 7 hours from the nearest Ikea so want to know that the journal and fill cards actually fit before I purchase. Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Found you on pintrest. love your blog :-) Hoping to et inspired to scrapbook more. I am new to project life, so I will have to check out more of your tips.
THanks! ~Rebecca
I'm at

Cheryl A said...

I have a question for you. I love the cart and how you have this all organized! Are you using the basket inserts (Antonious) from Ikea to keep the cards standing? Thanks so much love your ideas.

Patter Cross said...

Cheryl, I use the PL inserts from the boxes. They fit and work amazing better than the Antonious inserts. Here is the link that describes how I use them.

And thanks for your post. Blessings,

Cristiana said...

Love it Patter, you always have the best ideas on organizing!!

Anonymous said...

i love that basket i wish i could find one for my raskogs i have 2 someday want a 3rd . and to make my spare room into a studio.

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