Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dealing the Weight Loss Hand {Week 2}

Wow, we had six people submit 39 challenge ideas! Thanks to Lisa, Colleen, Mel, Stephanie, Darci, and Roxann! Those ideas will definitely keep us going for a while not to include the challenges I already had planned. Thanks for the awesome ideas girls! Now for the RAK winner! Are you wondering? Do you really want to know the name my dear daughter pulled out of the carton? Hmmm, okay. Let’s see the winner is:

Colleen please e-mail your address to me so I can mail a little something to you! Congratulations! And sorry for the Chick-Fil-A carton. I use it with yellow foam french fries for my preschoolers in Bible Study Fellowship. It worked great for our little drawing today too. Now don't be tempted anyone!

And wow, you girls have done an awesome job on your cards this week! I know some of you are having trouble posting them. You will want to post them in an online gallery first whether that be on 2Peas, Create My Keepsake, AC Bailey Designs, etc. Then copy the gallery link into the comment thread here on my blog for each challenge week. E-mail me with further questions.

I must highlight a few of the great cards you all posted from this past week. Here are some awesome cards from Susan. Look at that envelope on her keys to success card! Adorable!
And Roxann used a flower for the first time on one of her cards. Girl, you must use flowers more often. This is wonderful! And I love her goals.
Now for this week’s challenge. You probably thought I would never get to it did you? Anyway, your big challenge for this week is:

The 8th card prompt: Create a card about the scale! Do you use it? Is it your friend or do you hate it? How do you feel about weighing yourself? I personally deny I am gaining weight if I don’t weigh myself. So, to keep myself on track, I weigh myself every Tuesday morning. It is what works best for me and my continued success. Here are the cards I did:
I can’t wait to see what you do with this challenge! Remember to post links to your cards. I will be highlighting more each week! And I pray that each of you has a wonderful week and continued success in your goals!


BigSher said...

great idea-haven't ever done anything about the scale-am excited!

Colleen said...

Wow! Thanks! I'm so excited! I'll e-mail you!

Love the samples you posted too! Great work ladies!

BigSher said...

enjoyed thinking about those ol scales!! Anymore if they aren't you're friend they're your enemy-they're never "just there." Oh well-it is what it is and we do what we're doing!!!Thanks for the challenge-so enjoy them.

Shanna said...

Patter! Great challenge! Loving poppin in here to check on everyone's cards! They are amazing!

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