Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dealing the Weight Loss Hand {Week 9}

Part of losing weight is to change our lifestyle. Maybe before your weight loss program you just ate what you wanted. Now we must plan our meals and snacks and use labels to help us make healthier choices. I personally love using labels. I even make notes on the side of boxes. You should see my poor pantry! The U.S. FDA has some great information regarding nutrition facts on labels. You can find the information here:

The 15th Card Prompt: Labels—do you look at them? Do you use them? How do they help you? If you aren’t reading labels, how can doing that help you in your weight loss journey?
I hope you will enjoy this week’s challenge and really look at using those labels. I use them constantly, and I know they have truly helped me in my journey! Have a happy, healthy week!


Kate said...

I'm a HUGE lable reader since I joined weigh watchers a few years ago (I'm a lapsed WW). I always look at the fiber grams. i never really knew how important fiber was till WW pointed it out!

Keep up the good work!!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Great challenge- I need to get better about this since it is a requirement for Weight Watchers.
Luv the way your cards turned out !!!!


Danielle said...

Cute cards, Patter!

Karen L said...

I love your cards - great keepsake and great challenge to the rest of us too.

Anonymous said...

I love this Patter ! Your weight loss journal is so inspiring and you do such beautiful work !

Sunny said...

This is a big part of making a change. These cards are so nice you do the best work!

Tina said...

Great challenge! Great card!

Stella said...

I love that weight loss card! So creative.

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