Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scripture Challenge {Study Resources}

Well, are y’all ready? The 7th isn’t very far away! And remember for you impatient ones, I have to post the challenge on my blog sometime on the 6th so it will arrive in your mailboxes on the 7th. So, if you want to cheat, check the blog on the 6th. The challenge will be up sometime that day. Just thought a little hint might be in order. :) And I will be posting a picture of my altered card (front and back) each week to give you some ideas.

I wanted to go ahead and post a list of study resources for you. I thought it may help some of you dig deeper or for those of you that haven’t used any study resources, this might be a good list for you to refer to.

A Blank Journal: I know as I have completed a couple of the challenges, I have taken many notes. I ended up purchasing a journal from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 to keep my notes. Then I look over my notes as I create my altered card for the challenge. In my journal, I put the challenge word for the week at the top of the page and then note scripture, definitions, title ideas, or anything else I can think of on the rest of the page. It is kind if a scratch pad for me until I create my card. Some of you may want to do something similar.

Concordance or Subject Index: Look in the back of your Bible at the concordance or subject index. You may be surprised to find the week’s word there. It may give you a place to start.

Devotions: Look at devotions online, in your Bibles, in separate devotional books. These might be of great insight some weeks! Usually Bibles or devotional books have a topic listing in the back. Look up the word in the back, and it will take you to that particular devotion.

Online Bible Resource: I use the passage look-up feature on Bible Gateway. This site is wonderful. You can search on a passage or a keyword. You can use the keyword feature to enter your word each week to find scripture. Did you know the word rubbish is in the Bible? I had no idea. Do a keyword search and you will find it! You also have the option of using any version you like. I prefer NIV but they have many others listed!

Bible Dictionary: If you have a Bible Dictionary, you may want to include definitions on your cards sometimes. You may not. You can also use a regular dictionary. I find my old trusty Webster’s includes theological terms a lot of times. Your church library might have one for you to use too.

The WebBible Encyclopedia: The WebBible Encyclopedia is a treasure trove of valuable and quickly-accessible Bible facts. Over 4,100 articles and definitions (and growing). Includes over 96-thousand convenient, cross-reference hyperlinks to the Bible, definitions, meanings of words, and answers from biblical experts!

I think that is it for now. If you have other resources you will be using, please let me know. I would love to add them to the list for other people to refer to. Have a joyous New Year!!!


Ashleigh said...

Thank you for the resources! I am SO looking forward to starting this challenge!

Sharie said...

Just one week until we get started, thanks for the resources! I'm looking forward to these weekly challenges and am getting my journal ready.

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