Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scripture Challenge {Update}

Hello everyone! How are the "kindness" cards going? I have seen some amazing work so far! Such an inspiration! There are some questions that have been coming up so I thought I would post and address them here so that hopefully it will be a help to everyone.

First, some people are not getting comments from others on their work. Have y'all seen the participant list? It is huge! Amazing and SO God! Well, I am trying my best to comment as I know things are posted. We have women doing this challenge on many, many sites. God made it clear to me that this challenge was to be taken as far and wide as it could go. So, it is being hosted on many sites. Many different galleries are being used. I know it is very inspiring to me to see your work. I even write down additional scripture into my journal that you find that I did not. We are learning from each other too which is so awesome. So if you want your work seen by a lot of the participants in the group, my suggestion would be that when you have completed your cards, post a comment in the comment section here on my blog of each week with a link to that week's card. Then others can come to the comment section, see your link, and take a peak. You can also use the participant list. Go through that but it will be hit or miss as to whether they have posted their cards yet. Some of you may just be sharing your work on one particular site too. That is fine but others in the group may not get the opportunity to see your awesome cards. It just depends on how much "love" you want to get on your work. :) And don't feel obligated to leave comments. I just want each of you to know that if you want comments, the best way for people to know you have something to show is to share the link or let us know you are done for the week! :)

Second, I keep getting asked if you can still join the challenge. Most certainly!!! People can join anytime through the year! I would like this group to continue to grow and grow as the year goes on!

Third, some are worried that they are falling behind or have not finished cards for a certain week. Not a problem!!!! This is for you! This is your personal study! You do what you can! We will all have things come up during the year that may prevent us from completing certain weeks or putting them off until another time. That is fine. This is for you!

Fourth, I receive many e-mails each day about the challenge. I am also very, very busy as I know most of you are too. So, I will only be updating once a week (probably on the weekends). So, if you send me an e-mail with a change to your gallery link, need to be added to the list, whatever, please know that I am not ignoring you. I just need to streamline a bit so I can tend to my other tasks also. If you don't hear from me within a week's time though, please e-mail me again because the cyber monster could have eaten your message. Ha! I truly appreciate your help and understanding everyone!

Well, Monday brings a new word! Are you excited? Are you trying to guess what it might be? Well, Monday will be here soon enough. Have a joyous and blessed weekend everyone. And thank you for going on this journey with me! Blessings.


ChickenNDumpling said...

i'm in faith sister - my link is.... .. i hope that helps... thanks in advance for linking me to the particapetion list .. thanks..

Ellen said...

Since I have no way of scanning or photographing any of my work at the moment, I am not to focused on the praise aspect of it. I can't post my cards, and I have seen many, many lovely cards and LOs by others in the two weeks so far.

But I will post my appreciation to you Patter, for doing this challenge. I was writing Scripture on the back of some of my Deck of Me cards from Emily Falconbridge's Challenge last year. I wrote just journaling on the back of probably most of them. But on this challenge, I am writing both - a verse of scripture and a sentence of journaling. I went with your verse the first week, but for kindness, I dug into my Bible a bit and chose this one - "But I tell you to those who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you." Luke 6:35 NIV

I read more of that passage, and now I'm reading all of Luke. I can't wait to see what you have for us to meditate on come Monday!

Patter Cross said...

Ellen, thank you for your very king post. I responded to the thread on 2Peas since I couldn't e-mail you! :)

"Kreative Karma" said...

I noticed that if people post the full URL to where their link is, it gets cut off in blogger and we can't access it. My cards will be in the Challenge Section at

Sandy said...

Thanks for all your hard work. I noticed I'm not listed on the Participant list and haven't set up a gallery at faith sisters yet since I'm not done with my 1st card yet. I'm a bit slow, trying to play catch up with everything. Thanks again, you are such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patter for all your words of inspiration. I look forward to your words every week. Your words not only give me the opportunity to search through the bible. Most importantly they are helping me grow as a Christian and have a better understanding of what God’s plan is for my life.

I am also reading the Something amazing happened when I joined your weekly words along with my daily readings, I seem to pay more attention to the words I am reading. I am hooked on understanding more about words that stand out. I think about the words pretty much on and off all day. After all, isn’t that what God wants from us, to think about His word before our own?

So thank you so much for your “words” of wisdom, also your insight into those words.

iowagean ~aka Brenda~

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