Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scripture Challenge {Week 7}

Okay, so this word was not on my original list for this year. However, one day this week the word “glad” popped into my mind. I thought, "is that the word you want me to use Lord for this next week?" I wrote it down on a sticky note and went on about my day. Then that same afternoon, I was working on my Bible Study Fellowship lesson. Each passage of scripture I turned to seemed to have the word “glad” in it. So, I guess God so clearly confirmed our word again:

Week 7 Challenge Word: Glad

And image my surprise as I surfed the web on Thursday and found The Scrapping Spot had a whole forum on their message board dedicated to this challenge. I was so glad to see God at work! He really told me He would take this challenge far and wide, and He did. Wow!

Anyway, as I began to study this word, I first decided to look up the synonym for “glad.” Here is what I found: animated, beaming, beautiful, blithesome, bright, can't complain, cheerful, cheering, cheery, contended, delighted, delightful, exhilarated, felicitous, gay, genial, gleeful, gratified, gratifying, hilarious, hopped up, jocund, jovial, joyful, joyous, lighthearted, merry, mirthful, overjoyed, pleasant, pleased, pleasing, radiant, rejoiced, sparkling, tickled, tickled pink up, willing. Wow, so now what do I study after a list of 39 words like that? Then I looked up the word glad in my Vine’s Concise Dictionary of the Bible. It says “rejoicing, being glad, to be glad, rejoice greatly, exceeding joy, most delighted.” I thought those were great definitions.

I decided to focus on my days. Some days are rough, some are relaxing, some make me just want to crawl on the couch and stay there, and some are filled with tremendous joy. Do you ever have those “Monday morning blues,” or feel down on a rainy day, or have the winter blahs? Well, look at what God has done around you. What makes you feel glad to be called His precious daughter? How are you showing others that you are glad to be His? What one thing can you find each and every day that makes you feel glad to be His? Each day He gives us is a gift. We can be glad and enjoy what He has for us each day.

In creating my card, I used the amazing February kit from Create My Keepsakes. The Scenic Route chipboard circle was great for this! I want to be “guaranteed glad” everyday! What a reminder. Are you guaranteed glad?

I used the following scriptures this week:
Psalm 31:7 “I will be glad and rejoice in your love.”
Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

What makes you glad about each day? What makes you glad to be called His? Look through your Bible, listen for His words to you. He is always available. We just need to take time to listen. Be sure to post in the comment section here on my blog or on the discussion threads at Create My Keepsake, Scrapjazz, Faith Sisters, and now The Scrapping Spot. Please join us! Have fun, and soak up everything He shows you this week! Blessings for a glad and delightful week ahead!


Lydia said...

Patter - I really do appreciate the time you put into this challenge. Every Sunday evening I look forward to reading your blog and getting excited about Scripture. I checked just a bit ago, and this wasn't posted, and then I hit the back button on accident, and here it was. So excited to be the first to read it tonight. Thanks again.

Stephanie said...

Patter what a great reminder -- especially for us this week. I will have to use Ps. 118:24 too. When I was in highschool, the bathroom was just beside my bedroom. Every Sunday morning, while my dad was up early getting ready for church & preparing to preach, I'd wake up to him quoting this verse over & over -- usually with the emphasis on the word WILL. Good memories.

Ohio Farmwife said...

Hey, Patter--You'll be so glad (Ha! Ha!) to finally see me here. The definition of "glad" that I came up with is "peaceful satisfaction". It just makes sense to me. My verse is Ps. 32:11 "Be glad in the Lord and rejoice." I couldn't wait to get to the computer this morning to see what the new word was! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thank God for my "stumbling" upon your blog...I've so enjoyed working on each challenge, have the first 5 almost finished but not up yet. I work on them a little at a time since I'm here at my folks helping Mom care for my Dad who has Alzheimer's.

Can't seem to log in...Janet S

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I love seeing you cards each week:)

Cariann said...

Finally getting around to sharing some of mine, Thank you for the inspiration.

Martha said...

I love your studies every time!!
this one really touched me ;)
through all the hard times we sometimes face, our joy is having our Lord always there with us. WOW!!
I will try to create something this weekend :)

Bridgett said...

I am definitely GLAD I am a child of the King. This is a terrific word! Here is my scrapbook page:

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