Thursday, June 12, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

Well, I have jumped on the Nestabilities bandwagon! :) I had some of the Quickutz cookie cutter dies but of course they don't emboss. So, my dearest husband told me to get the Nesties I wanted for my birthday, so guess what? I took him up on it! Now, I see a lot of discussions on message boards about how to store these little beauties. Well, because my Quickutz cookie cutter dies were already in the Quickutz magnetic folders, I just decided to continue to use those. I had room, and they work perfect. No sense in buying something else when this works great for me. Here is what the magnetic folders look like with the Nesties and the Quickutz:
Then I store all of these magnetic folders in an 8x8 Cropper Hopper paper holder. Each paper holder will hold 7 magnetic folders. This is just the perfect solution for me. I don't have anything labeled yet, but as I am sure you know, I will get to that! Ms. Organization can't go without her labels. Ha!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. The folders can be expensive but I always wait for great sales! I hope this helps some of you, and have a joyous Friday!


Jenn said...

Very clever! I love how compact it is.

Benita said...

What a great idea! Now, where do you find the Quickutz magnetic folders at? Also, I see you have several sets of the square there a difference in them? Thanks for sharing :)

Patter Cross said...

Hi Benita! You can get the magnetic folders at any online store that sells Quickutz. I use Scrapbook Express, The Scrapping Cottage, and Remember When. And as far as the square nesties, I only have two sets (the classic scallop squares small and large). It looks like I have four sets because they do not nest very well, and will not stick to the magnet. They more or less lie on top of each other unless I separate them like I did. I hope that makes sense, and I hope you see this post. I will post on 2Peas too so maybe you will see my response there. :) Glad you like it everyone. :) Thank you!

DeniseB said...

tips on embossing with the Nesties in the Rev? I just bought my first set of the dies, and have ordered some of the tan embossing mat.

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