Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday's {Tip}

I got an e-mail last week from Daisy D's. Some of you may have gotten the same message. Anyway, they had a couple of fun tips that I wanted to share with you. I think I may have already shared the second one but if not, I will share it again. The first one was new to me, and such a great idea!! I hope these tips are helpful to you this week!

Daisy D’s tips
Tip #1: An easy way to get perfect corners if you don't have a corner punch is to turn your paper over, use a dime to draw a perfect curve in the corner and cut it out, works every time.

Tip #2: I use lots of scalloped edges in my layouts whether they be on straight lines or in a circle. An inexpensive way to get some scallop templates is to purchase precut cardstock in varying shapes and scallop sizes. I use them over and over on patterned papers to give them a unique look.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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