Friday, July 25, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

So, do you ever take your crafting goodies with you on vacation? I know I don't or haven't! I never have, and I have never been interested. But the more I thought about it, why not try to learn something during those long flights or long car rides. You know, the stuff you want learn but never have time to sit down and actually do! Well, I want to learn how to color with my Copic markers better. I want to try different techinques. So, today I am going to show you how I will organize for a vacation so that I can spend the downtime learning something fun!

Okay, so I want to learn to use my Copics better. First, I organized my Copic markers in this adorable tote. I actually have two filled with markers. Yes, I have enough markers! :) I got the tote here from Stamping Bella. They have several colors though I believe the pink polka dot is no longer available. Each case holds about 48 markers.
Then I stamped a bunch of images on my favorite PaperTrey cardstock that I can use to practice on. Then I put them in my small binder.
I have also printed a bunch of tutorials from Marianne's I Like Markers blog. I have also put those in my binder. Now, I am set. I have everything I need (and it doesn't take up much space) so I can learn and have fun during those "downtimes of travel." And you can organize to do the same. You can print tutorials to read on long plane rides, car rides, etc. You can take a sketch book and create your own sketches. You can learn to color like me. Or you can organize other supplies for your own trip that help you learn something new. I would love to see your ideas for organizing your supplies for a trip. Post them here or provide a link. We can all learn how to continue to create and learn while not necessarily being with all of our papercrafting supplies! Have a great weekend everyone, and happy organizing!


Lori Craig said...

Look at all those CHF images! :) Have a wonderful vacation!

Stephanie said...

Recently we needed to take a survey trip to our new location to look for housing and job-hunt for me. I also had a recipe card swap due as soon as I got home. So I made myself kits to take with me so that I could work on them in the car. I printed all the recipes out, cut my cardstock to 6 x 6, planned my design and pre-cut my papers, etc. I put each recipe and its components in a large ziploc bag. In another bag I put all the tools I would need to complete them. I took a small container to use as a trash bin (it's the cover off a 100 pk of blank CDs -- terrific size as a crop trashcan). I also took along a regular size clipboard so I'd have a work surface. It all fit in a regular tote bag along with my current book, a blanket, meds, etc.

We were listening to an audio book as we drove and I got to scrap. It made the time pass so quickly. It took some organization and prep work but I can see myself doing this again.

HapEMomE said...

Great idea! I have always thought it would be too difficult to travel with my supplies, but your idea about taking something to learn about is wonderful! I love your stamped images! I need to collect more. What ink did you use? It looks so crisp and clear!

Cathy said...

thats a great idea for flights and long drives

LizMac said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. The organising tips are fantastic, not that I will ever be that organised.
The stamped images are beautiful, I love them all.
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip and the great blog about markers... had to bookmark that one.

(can't remember my password)

StampDancer said...

I've taken some of SU!'s Simply Stamping card kits with me on business trips. When I travel alone and I'm stuck in the hotel room in evening, it gave me something to do besides watch TV.

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