Monday, August 25, 2008

Scripture Challenge RAK {Let's See Those Pages}

Okay, everyone must have had a very busy summer because it has been so quiet! In our study for this week {Week 34}, we are talking about blessings. Have you thought about how your pages or cards may bless others as you share them? So, my challenge for you this week is for you to share those cards and pages!!! I want to see them! So, post a link to your work here in this comment thread so we can look, and you may win a RAK. If you don't have a gallery or blog to post them to, please consider using our amazing Scripture Challenge gallery at Create My Keepsake. You can find the gallery here. You get to see my cards each week but I haven't shared my ATC Holder with you in a while. Here is what is looks like now:
It is really filling up, and it looks so pretty on my desk!

And as a little incentive for you to share, I am giving away a little RAK. For everyone that shares a link here to any Scripture Challenge page or card you create this week, you will be entered into a drawing to win this amazing stamp from Unity Stamp Co. I used the stamp on this tag:
So, get creating, and post those links right here in the comments section by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, August 31st! I will post the winner next Monday. Happy studying, and remember, your creation may just bless someone else that sees it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,
I have been plugging away at the challenges week by week. This summer I've let it go a few times and had to play catch up. I'm ready to look at 'blessed' this week and was thinking a 'blessing journal' would be a great idea before you mentioned it. I MUST start that. :)
Love how colourful your ATC holder is looking with all your cards. I planned my colours to go with my living room where I hope to display it when it's finished. Hopefully others will see it there and be blessed by God's word.
Sarah M

Tanis said...

Well, I'd say then that this is a good week to start, no?
Thanks Patter - that stamp is so great :)

Ally0005 said...

Here is a link to my scrapbooking blog. It's been really fun making these. I still have not made the blessing card yet, but you can see all the others on my blog.

jules p said...

I love these challenges. I just can't load them for you to see. And what I love the most about the challenges, is that it makes me stop during my busy day, to think of my blessings and God. I have tried to make two of all the challenges-one to keep and one to give away.
Thanks for your encouragement with this. I love your ATC holder. I wish I had one.

Megan's Memory Books said...

Thanks so much for doing this, Patter. I've just run across the challenge and am going to try to do them all although it will mean being behind.

I'm wondering if anyone does 12x12 layouts? Can you tell me?


Ally0005 said...

Here is my link to my blessed card.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

It loos wonderful all together!!!

Tanis said...

I'll pop this here too. Cause who doesn't love free stamps :)

Thanks Patter - I'm looking forward to this journey!

Linda Beeson said...

What a treasure you have created with your cards, LOVING the way you have decided to display them. I still haven't played, maybe that will need to be my New Years resolution! LOVING that stamp though!

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog for my latest two cards. Hoping to get a few more done over this long weekend!

Rachel said...

I have been keeping up with the words and doing a Bible Study each week..I just haven't been real good on getting my actual pages done..I'm doing a 6x6 album with the scripture that I am memorizing to go with each word.

Today I got all caught up on the pages...they are located on my Creative Clutter website which is

Thanks for the encouraging posts each week!!!

Leigh said...

Here's my card, Patter:
Thanks for the challenge!

Erin Bassett said...

Loving this challenge Patter, thanks for taking the time to do this each week!

Here's mine for this week:

Anonymous said...

I'm new at this, but Nenia got me started and I'm determined to catch up and finish out the year with all the weeks done. Would you mind adding me to the e-mail list so I can get the e-mail each week? My e-mail address is


NeniaDawn said...

Thanks so much for this challenge Patter!!!

Anonymous said...

I fell behind this summer but I am slowly getting them done. Feeling especially blessed! God Bless,

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