Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday's {Tip}

Happy Tuesday everyone! Well, I got an e-mail from Pink Persimmon stamps on October 4th. They were highlighting their new guest designer along with a fun tutorial. Well, I laughed when I opened the tutorial because it was how to make paper medallions. I had just made a card with a pink paper medallion not a week before for Creative Memories. I was going to type up a tutorial but now thanks to Pink Persimmon and Kerry Lynn Yeary, I won't need to. :) Kerry has done a beautiful job of explaining how to make them. She also has beautiful photos to go along with it. You can see Kerry's tutorial here. They really are fun to make!!! I encourage you to try them. The only difference between our medallions is that I staple my edges together on the underside of the flower instead of taping it to another circle. So, try both ways. See what works for you, and be sure to post what you make here. I would love to see them! Blessings everyone!

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Queen of Paper said...

I love all the golds you used! so beautiful!

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