Friday, November 21, 2008

Organizational {Friday} & Cuttlebug Pattern Info

Okay, today's post is not going to be anything new. You all have heard of this product before. However, it is a lesson I have learned, and I will pass it on to you

How many of you have said you refuse to buy a Clip-It Up? It's too expensive. It's too big. You don't need it. You can make your own. You know all of those things you might tell yourself. That is everything I told myself since the product came out a long time ago. Well, I caved everyone! I bought a Clip-It Up last week! I used my Archiver's 30% off coupon and saved $15. Oh my goodness, it was SO worth it! Why did I stay in denial for so long? I don't think making it myself would have achieved quite the same storage that I have here now. I love this thing. Here are a few pics.
I think I probably store a few different items than most people. First, you can see that I store my Floss-Away bags on here which contain my DMC floss. Now I am a cross stitcher, so I literally have a HUGE tub of DMC floss; however, for paper crafting, I find I only need a few basic colors. I keep the bags on a single ring then clip the ring to the unit. Those are the colors I keep hanging right at my fingertips now. So easy to find.
And those Bazzill templates and other crafting templates--what did I used to do with those? It was always hard to find them. Now they are hanging by a ring on my Clip-it Up too. And because my Scrap 'n Cube and my new, wonderful Stampin Things Elite Organizer hold so much, I don't have too much to put on my Clip-it Up yet. I did find putting the longer packages of bling, Bazzill Just the Edge, Pink Paislee alpha stickers, etc., work great on here though. Sometimes they just didn't fit in my drawers quite right because they were so long. Now they are hanging perfectly on my Clip-it Up!
So, for those of you that are in denial, maybe ask for a Clip-it Up for Christmas and see if you have the same reaction I did! I am one happy crafter! :)

Oh, and before I close today, some of you asked how I created my Cuttlebug cover. My mom had a toaster pattern that we modified just slightly to get it to fit my Cuttlebug. We redrew the pattern onto tissue paper, and then I came home, pulled out my favorite pink toille fabrics, and made this little beauty.
If you sew, just measure the dimensions of your Cuttlebug and look for a toaster pattern close in size. It truly is easy! Feel free to e-mail me if you have more specific questions. Have a joyous Friday everyone!


Ally0005 said...

I bought a Clip-It Up a while back and it was the best thing I ever did.
I never could find anything, now it's right there. I also got it on sale. The only thing is I need more clips.
This is a must have!

Colleen Kramer said...

I gave in too, with a coupon from Archiver's. (I liked it so much, I used the next month's coupon to get the addition for the top :)
I use mine right now to hang my finished cards on. I did not have a good space to put them, and this worked great. My family LOVES to come down and peruse the new craft projects I am working on.

KALDesign said...

I love the idea of the cover for your cuttlebug. I may have to make one. But I am afraid if I do it might never get used, cause I use my cuttlebug almost daily. If for nothing else than to walk by and emboss a piece of paper. I am so addicted to it. LOL

Stephanie Wright said...

Looks great Patter. The Clip-it-Up is on my wish list. How much neater everything would be and easier to see & use.

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