Friday, December 5, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

I thought we should talk Stickles again today! Many people are asking about the new Distress Stickles. Well, I bought a good supply of them, and then of course I had to organize them. So, I will tell you what I found and how I organized them.

First, the Distress Stickles are a little chunkier than the regular Stickles thus the opening is a bit larger. However, when they dry, I can't tell a whole lot of difference. I pretty much just choose the color I like and use it. I don't choose by the bottle name--Stickles or a Distress Stickles--I choose by color.

To organize them, I of course organized by color. I first went to the Ranger site and typed all of the Distress Stickles, Stickles, and Liquid Pearl names into a Microsoft Excel document. On the Ranger site, you can find the Distress Stickles here, the Stickles here, and the Liquid Pearls here.

Once I typed in all of the names, I organized them by color and printed out my document. Then I put a sample of each on my paper and let dry overnight. I will keep this in a notebook for reference when choosing colors. It is much easier to choose what I want to use by an actual dried sample than by looking at the bottle. Here is what my pages look like: So, can you tell a whole lot of difference between the Distress Stickles and Stickles by looking at these pictures? I love them both the same but I will say that having the larger opening on the Distress Stickles bottle does make them a bit harder to work with in smaller areas.

Once I my sheets were done, I put the bottles in that same order in my Stamin Thing Elite Organizer which I posted about here.
This organizational method works great for me. I hope it will help some of you too, and I hope it helps you see the minute difference between Stickles and Distress Stickles. Happy Organizing everyone!

Edited to add a link to my Excel file if you are interested. You should be able to grab it from here. Hope it helps! :)


Cat said...

VERY cool idea. i've got a list and sample of all my inks - why didn't i think of one for my stickles? would you be willing to share your typed lists?

Patter Cross said...

Sure, I can share. I am not sure if you have Microsoft Excel. You can e-mail me, and I can send it to you. My address is :)

Chris said...

Great idea to create a color chart. I have seen a few others out there, but they group by type (i.e. Stickles, Liquid Pearls, etc.). I much prefer your method of listing them in order of color, since that is how I would use them.

One thing I saw was some people have black and white cardstock on their chart, and they put a "swatch" of stickles on both. I was amazed at how different a color can look on light cardstock vs. dark. Here is a link to pictures on 2Peas:
Thanks for sharing!

Helen said...

LOL! You are the QUEEN of organization Patter! Love your system. I tend to do color charts too, but I only have 2 stickles- both distress but haven't tried my them yet or had a chance to organize my stuff from moving.

Bev said...

Clever idea. I printed off the spreadsheet. I don't have many stickles but will put a spot of color next to the name like you did. tfs

Danni said...

Very cool idea!! Mine isn't as fancy but I am putting all the ones I have on a sheet with their names beside them. Awesome!

Cari said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing the Excel file.

dougnat said...

OOO LOVE this patter! I'm so gonna order that stamp pad thingie!!

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