Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unity Sale RAK Winners!

Okay, I wanted to announce our winners for the Unity sale posting! Yes, I said winners, plural! I decided to give away two Unity gift sets! :) But before I announce our winners, I wanted to thank ALL of you for sharing the sale on your blogs. I am sure Angela truly appreciated it! Okay, the two names drawn were:

Stephanie at Steph's Scrap Happenings


Ellen at Close Your Ears

Please e-mail your addresses to me so that I can get your packages off to you! One of you will get what was posted in the picture, and the other will get a Unity surprise! :) I hope you enjoy, and congrats on your winnings! I also hope that everyone gets a chance to try Unity stamps! They truly are amazing and my favorite stamps for sure! Well, have a great afternoon everyone! Hard to believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Blessings,

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