Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Extra Cards on Hand? Here's a Worthy Cause!

I know I have made a lot of cards over the years but they don't always make it to the mailbox! Well, Taylor asked if I would share this with you--it's called the Cards for a Cause challenge. Each month, Taylor picks an organization and people make cards for them. It is a wonderful opportunity to spread joy and compassion. This month's cause, The Lydia Project, is amazing. The Mission of The Lydia Project is to serve women facing cancer by providing hand-crafted tote bags, prayer and ongoing support. Taylor is asking that anyone who is interested make cards so that the organization can send them to the women who participate with them, who are battling cancer. And if you are like my family, we have had many relatives that have battled this dreadful disease!

You can find all of the details, mailing address, due date, etc., here. I hope you will consider mailing those hand-crafted cards that have piled up to this worthy cause! Thank you all, and have a blessed day!


Angi said...

Great Information! Thanks for sharing!

Blessed Ladybug said...

THanks so much for posting this message of course i'll make some cards and send them... Cancer That's one of the GREAT things that GOD dilvered me from..... To GOD be all my Glory!

Thanks again Patter...

Anonymous said...


your stuff looking so paretty... hotwheels

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