Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday's {Tip} Machine Sewing

I love to sew! I have sewn ever since I was very young. My mother and her identical twin are AMAZING seamstresses! Mom taught me a ton! And my graduation present from high school--a Pfaff sewing machine! I still have that amazing machine plus a newer Pfaff. I sewed a lot of my own clothes when I was a teen. And I even sewed a lot of my girls clothes when they were toddlers/preschool. I also love to do draperies, Bible covers, etc. And of course, in my paper crafting, I love to sew on my creations!

Well, I have been wanting to share a sewing tutorial with you but haven't had time to get to it. But yesterday, I found this GREAT tutorial already done by Julia Stainton. If you have been wanting to sew on your pages, this is a great tutorial to reference! Try it! You might find you love sewing as much as I do! Also be sure to look at the far left column on Julia's blog. She has many other wonderful tutorials there for you! :) Happy crafting!


Julia Stainton said...

Thanks so much Patter and thanks for linking me! Have a great day!

Ally0005 said...

Thanks I asked for a sewing machine for Mother's Day so I can sew on my pages.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this Patter! I have a machine, but rarely use it-I just don't want to read the manual-LOL. Julia's tutorial will make this easy and fun! And I can't wait to check out her other tutorials as well.

melody said...

thankx for the link chickie ~ so much info ~ i love sewing and adding that lil touch

Georgina, said...

wow! talk about timing Patter - I got a new sewing machine this weekend gone and have been playing with it. I wanted to learn more and hey here is a post on how to! Thanks

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