Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stampin' Things Organizers Update!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to update you on the Stampin' Things sale, contest, and the Punches and More Organizer.

First, I misquoted the size of the new Punches and More Organizer. Sue caught it, and I did change it late Friday in the original post; however, I wanted you to be aware that it was wrong in my original post most of the day on Friday. Here are the correct dimensions (18" high, 14" wide, and 12 1/2" deep), and the original post is fixed also. I am SO, SO sorry about that!

Also, the 10% discount on all Stampin' Things units ENDS TODAY! You don't want to miss it! For the coupon code, be sure to see Friday's post here. My Stampin' Things units are two of my top three crafting purchases EVER in the past 10 years! You will not be disappointed! This would be the perfect sale for your family members to go ahead and pick up your Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift early! :)

And lastly, the contest continues until Thursday night for your chance to win a Punches and More Organizer! We have a few entries in already, and I would love to see a TON more! :) For all details of the contest, please see my post here.

If you have purchased ANY Stampin' Things organizer, I would LOVE to hear your feedback, and I know Sue would too! Please leave your comments below for all to see! Have a blessed and joyous Sunday everyone! In Him,

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Wanda said...

I was so in need of a solution for storing my ever growing stash of punches, so this sale was perfect timing. I called Sue on Friday and ordered the topper as well as the punch organizer. Sue was such a delightful person to talk to...thanks for pairing up with her for this offer!

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