Friday, June 19, 2009

Organizational {Friday} Kits!

So, how many kits do you subscribe to? Do you have trouble deciding how to store them? How about the contents of each kit? Does the store/company provide you with a list of contents? Well, let's look at what I do with my kits.

I am going to use my most recent kit purchase as an example. This amazing June 2009 kit comes from Heidi at Freehand Scraps. Heidi keeps a beautiful content list on the website. Here is what the June 2009 list looks like along with the content list from the site: Here is a list of everything you'll receive:
Patterned Paper/Cardstock:
•1 sheet My Mind's Eye in "Bohemian Vines"
•1 sheet My Mind's Eye in "Vines Paper"
•1 sheet Crate Paper in "Grove"
•1 sheet Crate Paper in "Meadow"
•1 sheet Crate Paper in "Slate"
•1 sheet Crate Paper die cut in "Stuffed"
•1 sheet Pink Paisley in "Fascinating"
•1 sheet Fancy Pants in "Turquois Grid"
•1 sheet American Crafts cardstock in "Caramel"
•1 sheet American Crafts cardstock in "Mint"

Fabric & Trims:
•1 piece of orange and white dots fabric
•1/2 yard green flower trim by Prima
•1/2 yard grey dots trim by Prima

•1 alphabet by Crate Paper
•1 package Crate Paper "little sprout" rub-ons
•1 canvas house by Prima (patterns will vary)
•2 sheets Fancy Pants "Mixed Media 8x8 book" (patterns will vary)
•1 exclusive handmade Etsy tree (colors will vary)
•1 canvas embroidered tag "Home" by Prima
•1 canvas embroidered tag "Family" by Prima
•2-3 chipboard frames/shapes by Maya Road

Content Lists
What an awesome content list! One thing I have found with kits is that I never know the manufacturer(s) for all of the contents included. Now if you submit your work to magazines, you really need to have this information. When I designed for Inspire Me Card Kits, I posted a picture and a content list for each kit on the store message board for everyone to reference. It was a HUGE help to many people. Well, unfortunately now that Dannie closed the store when she moved, I don't have the information anymore. So for future kits, I wanted something a little more permanent. Now what I do is copy and paste the information from the kit website into a Microsoft Word document. I then print it out and put it in the ziploc bag along with the kit itself. That way I have the kit name, month, and content listing together with the kit. It is SO easy and wonderful to reference, and I always have it available. Here you can see my kit with the content sheet right on top.Storing Kits
To store my kits, I write the name and month of the kit on the bag itself. I then store them in alphabetical order in a Cropper Hopper paper holder. With the Freehand Scraps kits, I do not have to write the kit name on the bag because Heidi includes a company tag on the bag. Such a wonderful idea.

Breaking Apart Kits
I do not break apart my kits for many, many months. I save so many scraps that I still like to keep it all together. Now, once I know I am completely done with a kit, I then break it apart and put the remaining contents away with all of my other paper crafting goodies. Some kits I am able to break apart quickly, and others may sit for 6 months or more until I am completely done with it.

I hope this is helpful to you! Feel free to share how you organize your kits. We can all learn from each other. Happy organizing!


CindyBowers said...

Great idea on the kits. THanks for sharing!

Susan said...

I've quit doing kits because I found I was collecting them instead of using them. How do you remember what's in each kit from months back? I tried to run a copy of the picture on the kits website to stick in the bag, but if I didn't use the kit immediately, I'd forget. At one time I subscribed to three kits and that really overwhelmed me. I may try again - one at a time, and try to actually use them instead of just admiring them. Thanks for all your organization tips!

Patter Cross said...

Susan, to be honest, I don't always remember what was in each kit from months back; however, I have never subscribed to three at a time. Wow, that would be hard. What I will do sometimes is flip through the kits I have and see a color or patterned paper that inspires me, and I will pull that particular kit and work with it (again usually). :) I love having them kept together until I am completely done because the embellishments, papers, and everything coordinate so well. I just love it. But subscribing to one kit at a time would definitely be more managable than three. :) Hope that helps.

KALDesign said...

I have never joined a kit club. Do you find that it is more economical to "shop" this way rather than piece by piece?

Patter Cross said...

Sometimes it is more economical and sometimes it isn't. I LOVE to hit sales so a lot of times I can get individual pieces much cheaper. However, that being said, most kits are sold below retail price. I also LOVE to shop for past months' kits since a lot of site put them on a much deeper discount if they didn't sell out of them.

karen In Houston said...

Patter, thanks so much for this tutorial and all your other ones, I just finished fixing my kits and it is a great idea as I had a habit of breaking them down and then trying to find the contents list to find the product designer especially if I have scraps and have disposed of the descriptive tag. I am going to try this out and see how it works. Thanks again, you are one amazing and creative person....TFS

Penny Smith said...

I store mine in a cropper hopper also... I only get Studio Calico, and they have the contents list for some time... but I love the idea of printing it and bagging them individually!


Heidi Stork said...

Thanks Patter for the wonderful idea for our customers! I love seeing that cute Freehand Scraps kit as an example! Keep up the good work!


Chris S. said...

Am commenting here just in case you don't go back to your houndstooth post. Here's a link to the Cuttlebug embossing folder which is currently 99 cents!

Gloria Stengel said...

I break up my kits within a few weeks of getting them, and store the product with other product of the same manufacturer. I'm more apt to actually USE The product that way. I only keep kits together if I have a page or project idea where I need the whole kit. Most of the time...that does not happen. LOL

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