Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's {Tip} Camera Strap Cover Tutorials

Have you purchased a fun, fabric cover for your camera strap? Or are you interested in making your own? I have purchased a couple from etsy, and while I like them I would also like to make my own. I have several fabrics on hand that I love, and it would be fun to make them for myself or even as gifts. I have searched the web and found several tutorials. I thought I would share them with you just in case you are a seamstress and would like to try making a few. Here is what I found:

Camera Strap Cover
Camera Strap Cover Tutorial (this is the one I think I will try)
Camera Strap Slipcover
Quick Change Camera Strap Tutorial

The pattern I will try uses interfacing, and she shows you how to fit it perfectly to your camera strap. That has been the problem with some covers I have purchased--they haven't always fit correctly. Now I can just use this tutorial to make my own. I am excited to try this tutorial. I hope you will too! Have fun!


Penny Smith said...

Instead of a cover for my strap, I prefer the straps that I have bought that replace my original strap completely... they have the same ends as the original, but I can choose the length of the strap I am buying.
My favorite seller on etsy is
She has lots of longer straps (so I can wear it under an arm) and in some of the best "scrapbookie" fabrics!

TidyMom said...

Thanks for the linky love!!
Have fun making your cover - I need to make a few for some friends! I want to see if I can add a pocket for the lens cap next time!!


Laura said...

Such a cute idea, Patter! Thanks for sharing, now to find the time to make a few! Great gift idea!

Cindy Holshouser said...

Patter just want to say thanks for these links. I made one today but decided I need a longer strap. I'll make another one after I find a strap. Nice little tutorials. TFS:)

Stephanie Harbin said...

These are so great. My camera has a little bitty strap, so if I made it larger with some batting and interfacing sewn in, it would be more comfy as well as styling!! I can't wait to try this.

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