Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's {Tip} Planner Pages

I don't know if any of you use the Memory Dock planner or not. I know there was a lot of talk on various message boards about We R Memory Keepers not making the calendar pages anymore and that pages such as Day Timer, Day Runner, Franklin, etc., will fit the planner. I personally have never used it because I have an adorable baby pink Franklin planner I love! Anyway, in a quest to help my subscribers with any planners they may use, I found some really wonderful stuff this week! Let's look at what I found!

First, if you want to play around and make your own book using a Bind-it-All or something similar, look at these pages I found on Brenda's site! They are all free to download and include pages such as 2009 calendar, remember/notes, layouts to complete, shopping list, and to-do list. You may want to keep track of her site because I am assuming she will have a 2010 calendar download available sometime. Super wonderful!!!

Next, I found out that We R Memory Keepers has their Memory Dock products on a SUPER sale. This includes various pages for their planner for $0.50, their Creative and Journal Dock binders for $1.30-$3.80, their Memory Dock Totes for $2.45, their Photo Docks for $3.87, and several other amazing items on sale. I bought $160 worth of pages and goodies for just $26 (which also included the shipping cost)!!!!! Gracious, that's cheaper than I can print them. I don't know how long the sale lasts but you might want to check it out. I have ordered from them many times, and I have always had great service though their shipping can be high. But with prices like that, you still get a GREAT deal!

I hope I haven't enabled you too much and that this has been helpful. You could certainly make some great Christmas gifts with these pages too! Enjoy, and see you next time!


LauraB said...

Hi Patter-thanks for the tip on the Journal Memory Docks-(don't understand the name but oh well!)
I was wondering if you had a coupon you used on your order. I chose some sale items valued at $87 that ended up totaling $23 and shipping was still $20??!! any advice? I will contact them but wanted to check with you first. many blessings!

Patter Cross said...

Hey Laura! First, I did not have a coupon. I only bought the pages that were on sale, so my shipping was $9 I believe. I did have some of the photo docks in my cart but they did cost a lot to ship. I think because of their bulk (or maybe weight too), they are expensive to ship. Not sure. I am SO sorry shipping is that much for you. Yuck for sure! I hope you are able to find out something. Gosh, I pray no one else runs into that much shipping. Maybe you can come back here and post what they tell you. So sorry again!

LauraB said...

oh Patter-no need to apologize--please!! After staring at my order for a while, I finally figured out it must be the bulky-size items, too! But I will let you know if it's anything different.
thanks for ALL of your inspiration!
the twins forgot their lunches-off to school!

quilter said...

I wanted to make an order Friday, and wasn't sure about it, but you "gave me permission" today. :) Thanks for "reviewing" the sale for us--you know, like the movie critics do. I'm not sure what I'm getting because I couldn't find dimensions, but I'll find a use for it all. Thank you.

Tracy said...

Patter, I cannot thank you enough for sharing the Memory Dock sale. Yes, my shipping was 49.00 but My product before sales was 558.00!!! I only paid a total of 98.00 and think it was a bargain. I have researched and watched over the past 3 years for this product and have never seen it this affordable even with the shipping. For what I paid and what I will recieve and even more, what it will do to organize my scrapbooking and speed it along.
I know it was meant for me!!! A big Hug and thank you!!! I love this system, I am so much the binder, holder type person!! I can't wait.

Have a blessed day,
Tracy from AR

Patter Cross said...

Yeah Tracy!!!!!! That is amazing! Yes, in that case, the shipping was definitely worth it. I debated whether or not to order some of the photo docks because I love them but I just don't have the room. The sale is SO incredible on this stuff, and like you said, I have never seen it for prices like this! So glad you are excited and will be so organized! Definitely fun coming your way!

And quilter, glad I could be the "reviewer" for you. I hope you enjoy your goodies too!

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