Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's {Huge News}

Oh my goodness everyone! Grab your pen and your calendar! Layers of Color is having a HUGE release party November 14th & 15th! There will be 9 new sets released for a total of over 70 new stamps! And all I can say is they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! See the beautiful badge below? Well, there are two of the new stamps on that badge. Can we all just say YUMMY?
There are also going to be over $250 worth of prizes and free digi stamps given away! So, come and visit the Layers of Color blog post here for all of the details and to get the code for a side-bar badge for your blog! Also be sure to follow the Layers of Color blog for more details coming soon! Believe me, you will NOT want to miss out! Happy Thursday everyone!


Musing of a Patched Heart said...

Nice job Patter! I like how you included all the details looks super great. I am going to follow your lead this afternoon! I love your enthusiasm!Heather LOC Design Team

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Patter - I am looking forward to the Release Party and am deciding what to wear (LOL) I love at party at the best of times...and this one is going to be great - can't wait too see your projects fro it - I know they will be FABULOUS! Counting down.....
Linda LOC Design Team

Laura said...

I can hear the party music now! Wow, we're going to have a blast together! I love mingling with talent and giving away prizes!

Polishing my dancing shoes!

Layers of Color

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Looking forward to the party Patter! Can't wait to see what beautiful things you have for us! "See" you at the party! :)

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