Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Faith Journaling} Challenge List

Here you will find a summary list of the questions asked each week during our {Faith Journaling} Challenge. I hope by updating this list each week, you will be able to easily find each week's questions.

Challenge Introduction
Question 1:
Introduce yourself and share a bit about your desire for this journal.
Question 2: If you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, share your salvation story. If not, what is holding you back?
Question 3: What does Christmas mean to you, and how do you share & celebrate?
Question 4: How did you celebrate Christmas when you were a child?
Question 5: Do you have a favorite Christmas hymn?
Question 6: Describe your Christmas Eve traditions.
Question 7: What are you thankful for today and/or this year?
Question 8: Do you have a quiet time with the Lord each day? Describe your time.
Question 9: Do you have a special place where you meet with the Lord each day? Why is it special?
Question 10: Do you prefer traditional hymns or the newer contemporary songs? Why?
Question 11: What in creation reminds you of the Lord?
Question 12: As a child, did you grow up in the church?
Question 13: How often do you pray? Describe your prayer time.
Question 14: What Bible version is your favorite to use and why?
Question 15: When did you get your first Bible? Do you still have it?
Question 16: How do you share your faith with your children (both young and grown)?
Question 17: Do you write in your Bible? Why or why not, and what do you write?
Question 18: Tell about your earliest memory of God.
Question 19: What does Christ’s sacrifice mean to you?
Question 20: How do you traditionally celebrate Easter? Are you doing anything different or new this year?
Question 21: When do you feel closest to God?
Question 22: Describe a time when you felt alone and without God.
Question 23: How have you or have you not been blessed with the gift of gardening?
Question 24: Do you volunteer in your church? What do you do currently? What have you done in the past?
Question 25: Who is your favorite woman in the Bible?
Question 26: Where do you like to sit in church, and why?
Question 27: Is it easy for you to memorize scripture?
Question 28: What symbols of your faith do you wear (jewelry, clothing, etc.)?
Question 29: Has anyone ever prayed with you over the phone? How did it affect you?
Question 30: Do you know the order of the Books of the Bible? How did you learn them? If not, how do you find what you are looking for?
Question 31: Did you give your children any Biblical names? Why or why not?
Question 32: What is your favorite New Testament Bible verse?
Question 33: What is your favorite Old Testament Bible verse?
Question 34: Are you a member of your church? For how long?
Question 35: What churches have you belonged to over the years (maybe include as a child and as an adult)?
Question 36: What church were you married in? Describe it. Why did you chose it? If not married in a church, describe the location.
Question 37: What question would you most like to ask God?
Question 38: Do you keep a prayer journal?
Question 39: What has challenged your faith?
Question 40: Share something that has strengthened your faith.
Question 41: Do you have a favorite hymn?
Question 42: What do you enjoy most about reading your Bible?
Question 43: How many Bibles do you have, and do you have a favorite one? Why?
Question 44: How often do you read your Bible? Once a day? Twice a day? Once a week? Less often?
Question 45: What story in the Bible about Jesus do you most enjoy? Why?
Question 46: What Old Testament story do you like the most? Why?
Question 47: Have you ever been on a retreat? Describe what you loved about it.
Question 48: Looking at the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-26, what characteristic do you want God to develop further in you at this time?
Question 49: When did you first begin to learn about faith? Can you recall your first steps on the journey of faith?
Question 50: How do you share your faith with others?
Question 51: How do you "enjoy" God each day when things are going well in your life?
Question 52: How has your relationship with the Lord grown over this past year?
Question 53: Tell about a sermon you remember vividly.
Question 54: Do you make a Happy Birthday cake for Jesus or how do you celebrate His birth during the Christmas season?
Question 55: Do you attend Christmas Eve services? If so, which one, and what do you love about it?
Question 56: Do you feel the Lord leading you in a new direction for the New Year? What changes will you make?
Question 57: Do you currently attend a Bible study? Describe it.
Question 58: How has God helped you to be content in any circumstance, or do you still struggle with contentment?
Question 59: As God is your Protector, share how He has protected you in a situation?
Question 60: How has God comforted you in a recent situation?
Question 61: Share a time when you were weary and how God helped you through it.
Question 62: Do you send notes of encouragement with scripture to people hurting or in need?
Question 63: Do you have a high view of God, and what makes you in "awe" of Him?
Question 64: How have you seen God's perfectly orchestrated plan in your life this past week/month?
Question 65: How has God helped you or a family member through an illness?
Question 66: Have you ever been on a mission trip to another country?
Question 67: If you are married, share how you have seen God's hand in your marriage and bringing you together.
Question 68: Describe a Christian retreat you attended and how it affected you.
Question 69: How have you depended on God this week?
Question 70: How are you reaching the younger generation and sharing Christ with them?
Question 71: What services do you usually attend during Holy Week and Easter (Maundy Thursday, Stations of the Cross, Sunrise Service, etc.)?
Question 72: Share about a storm in your life and how God helped you through it.
Question 73: Have you ever or do you regularly invite people to go to church or Bible study with you?
Question 74: Share a new scripture you have come across this week, what it means to you, and how God is using it in your life.
Question 75: How has your patience been tested, and how did you rely on the Lord during that time?
Question 76: Share a time when God gave you His perfect peace.
Question 77: Share a place where God gives you His perfect peace.
Question 78: Do you have a Bible reading plan you use? Describe it.
Question 79: Describe something that you have lost and how God helped you find it.
Question 80: How have you seen God answer your cries recently?
Question 81: How does praying for others affect you?
Question 82: Do you attend a mid-week service? If so, describe it
Question 83: Share a scripture that has spoken to you this week and why?
Question 84: How has God disciplined you recently, and what was your reaction--rebellion, remorse, obedience, thankfulness and praise?
Question 85: What day and time is your weekly church service?
Question 86: How many pastors do you have on staff? What are their names and ministries?
Question 87: When on vacation, do you attend a local church? Why or why not?
Question 88: How has God given you an angel or guarded you with His precious angels during a difficult or fearful time?
Question 89: When sitting down for your quiet time with the Lord, do you sit in silence or do you play some sort of music in the background?
Question 90: What has God shown you this week that you have discovered together with Him?
Question 91: Share your baptism experience and/or your childrens' baptism?
Question 92: What is the name of your Sunday School class?
Question 93: Do you listen to sermons online or on the radio? If so, share what you listen to. If not, why not?
Question 94: Has someone ever shared a scripture with you to help you maybe in a letter or note? Explain what it meant to you.
Question 95: How has God helped you through a huge disappointment? How about specific scriptures He may have given you?
Question 96: Describe what your church looks like. Draw it out too if you would like. Maybe even take a photo and place in your journal.
Question 97: Have you ever gone to church at the wrong time when you have forgotten to set your clocks to "Fall back"?
Question 98: How many Bibles do you own? Why do you own the number that you have?
Question 99: Describe your drive to church--how far, scenery, traffic, etc.
Question 100: In what way do you participate in Christmas performances at your church? Are you an audience member or a participant? Describe the performance and how it effects you?
Question 101: Do you have a Christmas scripture reading plan that you follow each year with your family? Describe it.
Question 102: What do you love the most about receiving Christmas cards each year, and what do you do with them after Christmas is over?
Question 103: What is one of the best Christmas gifts that you have received?
Question 104: How do you keep track of all of the prayer requests you receive?
Question 105: How comfortable are you in sharing the gospel with others?
Question 106: How has God used a trial or change in your life for the good of others?
Question 107: What is the first scripture you ever memorized? What does it mean to you?
Question 108: How are you currently praying for your husband and how often?
Question 109: How have you depended on or not depended on the Lord during a time of uncertainty?
Question 110: What household item brings back "family faith" memories for you?
Question 111: Do you have a day of the week you set apart for the Lord and what do you do differently on that day?
Question 112: At what moment do you begin talking to Jesus each day? Describe that time.
Question 113: Describe the Easter traditions that you have at your church?

Please note that I have come up with the questions posted, and I would appreciate you giving credit where credit is due. Thank you, and happy journaling!


Carolyn Sue said...

Oh,Pater! God surely uses you in many sweet ways,I'm sure! I just wanted to share this to show you how he touched me, and eventually my circle of friends through you.I had lunch with five of my dearest friends. We pray together, have Bible Studies together and enjoy such a blessed friendship because it centers around our love for the Lord as well as having a lot of fun. Today I shared your journaling idea with them and we are all going to do this. Several of us have tried to journal before, but we've never had a "help" question. I think this will help us to be successful at journaling. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas, and these questions with us. I didn't know that your husband has been ill. We will pray for you and your family. I hope that he is recuperating and healthy again.
SuzyQue in Texas

Deanna said...

I have a question. I was reading where you did journal jars for Christmas presents, did you do 365 in the jar or about how many. I love that idea!!!! Thank you for all you share!
Blessings, Deanna

BuzzyBee said...

Not attending one at this time. I do teach a group of 5th and 6th graders at church. We have a great time learning and growing in the Lord.

PinkandPretty said...

I am new and I'm wondering if it's ok if I do this and I am coming in a little late?

Bless you,

Jennifer, Allan, & Julia said...

Dear Patter, Have been enjoying your questions & writing my answers. I sometimes use one of your topics to start a conversation and get to know someone from church better, or even a relative.

Have you ever read/done Julia Cameron's THE ARTIST'S WAY? I've gone through it twice, and have often wished it (though inclusive) didn't seem to apologize for implying faith. I am firmly convinced God is at work in my journaling, and indeed in every aspect of my life. Julia Cameron recommends journaling daily as a way of "priming the creative pump."

My sister just gave me a copy of THE CREATIVE CALL by Janice Elsheimer. I am way thrilled; this has memory verses & prayers but borrows from the principles of exercises & journaling. While doing your questions, I wondered if you knew of this book.
Take care---Jennifer in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Dear Patter, Recently it occurred to me that I've not seen any new journaling questions (hard to notice what's missing as opposed to what's visible) lately, so I just went looking and found several. I love these, and will happily make my way through them. Is it possible any other blog readers are only getting the other posts and not the Faith Journaling Questions these days?

I appreciate your layouts, cards, all sorts of crafts and organizational hints and the word studies every two weeks. Thanks a lot for it all. 1 Peter 1:3
--Jennifer in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Your blog delights my life. Even though I am a journaler, is that a word, you inspire me to do better. Thank you for your time and sharing your talent for the Lord.
Claire in Beautiful TEXAS.

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