Thursday, December 3, 2009

{Faith Journaling} Challenge #3

So, how are you enjoying this challenge? Are you using your own handwriting? I would love to hear your responses/thoughts/questions. Feel free to share in the comment section. :)

Now, as we begin this holiday season, I thought for the next few weeks we should look at what Christmas means to us and how we celebrate. Here is your question for this week:

**What does Christmas mean to you and how do you share & celebrate?

Now, I hope you are dating your entries. That will definitely be important for the years to come also. Enjoy your journaling time this week, and I will see you next week! Blessings,


Audrey said...

Love your Blog and your Papercrafts!

For me and my house, Christmas means family. Our parents, siblings, etc are pretty spread out but Christmas is one time we make sure we will find a way to all be together to share God's love and the blessings he has given us.

Becky said...

Patter -- I'm definitely using my own handwriting as I have also been blessed to have my grandmother's and my great-grandmother's journals. My grandmother wrote in 1925 after having a stillborn child about the pain of fostering a little boy for several years with the intent of legally adopting him, only to have this go very wrong at the last minute. She was a pastor's wife and she also writes about the challenges of being at seminary and being among the first "paid" pastor's families in our denomination. I think it's important for our future generations to see our handwriting and our thoughts as we journal.

Hope said...

Thank you so much for doing this challenge on your blog. I decided to not get too fancy about this at this time and just use it as an opportunity to get my thoughts out on paper. I am using a regular spiral bound notebook and my own handwriting. It has been interesting to see what I am having difficulty putting on paper. And what words actually do come out of my hands when I am done. It has already been a blessing to me. I am hopeful it will just as much a blessing to my children one day. :)

Cheri Howard said...

I am just now joining your journal challenge. I don't have any children, so I don't know who will read this when I'm gone. But I really need to revitalize my spiritual life; this challenge seemed like a good place to begin.

I'm writing in my journal with good old pen and paper. I spend an awful lot of time on a computer typing, so handwriting is a nice change.

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