Friday, January 22, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Cuttlebug Folders

Storing those Cuttlebug embossing folders can be a challenge. I have seen many unique ideas around the web! I have always stored mine in alphabetical order stacked in a drawer until I got my Stampin' Things unit. First, let's talk about labeling your embossing folders.

When I began collecting my folders, I always wrote the name of the folder on the back with a black Sharpie. Well, I began to notice that as I ran the folder and paper through my machine, sometimes the black Sharpie ink would end up on the inside of a card! It was awful. I was ruining cards. Here is how they were previously labeled. DON'T do this! :)
Now of course I had to get that Sharpie off of each folder so I took my Magic Eraser to remove the name off of each folder. Using a Magic Eraser works GREAT! It went fast.Then I used my labeler to print out the folder names and put them on the back of each folder.
Agh, that works so much better, and no more ink that ruins my paper! To organize them, I just sort them in alphabetical order by folder name.Then I store them on a shelf on my Stampin' Things unit. You can see them on the right on the top shelf. Simple, easy to grab, use, and put away!
I personally love storing them this way. I use these folders a lot, and it is so much easier to grab them off the shelf instead of fumbling through a drawer. If you would like other Cuttlebug storage ideas, check out this thread and this thread on Splitcoaststampers! Enjoy, and happy organizing!


Bev J. said...

Enjoy your wonderful storage ideas. Pretty neat CB cover-pretty!

Pat said...

Thank you for the Magic Eraser tip -- very timely as I just this week put labels on my embossing folders because some of the marker was wearing off. I was in process of trying to decide how to remove the marker when, lo and behold, your article arrived! Coincidence? Nah! Thanks again, Patter

Anonymous said...

You must be one-ultra-organized woman! Thank you for the tips you leave for us. I appreciate your time and effort of sharing it.


Mary said...

What a wonderful idea. I wish that I were that organized with all of my folders. Thank you for sharing your idea I may just borrow it.


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