Friday, January 15, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Die Cut Unit Again with Quickutz

Okay, not to belabor my post from last week about the amazing Stampin' Things Die Cuts & More unit but I changed some things already, and I wanted to share!

If you remember, last week I showed you the top of the unit with a few Quickutz dies and some Sizzlet dies (large and small). Well, I decided to try all of my 2x2 Quickutz dies in the top!!! I really love it, and I think I will leave them there. Here is what it looked like last Friday: And here is what it looks like now:
As you can see, I had to turn the 2x2 dies sideways in the center section but I really like it. The center section will also hold the 2x4 dies there really nicely. You can fit two rows of 2x4 dies and one row of 2x2 dies in the center section if you wish. I keep my alpha dies in alphabetical order so it is easy to find which alpha I am looking for. And since the unit sits on a swivel base, it is easy to turn around to look at the center section too. Super easy, super wonderful. I am going to redo my tags, however. They are blue, and they MUST be pink. LOL! I didn't have time for that this week but that is coming!

The only difference having my Quickutz dies in the top is that because the Quickutz dies have the tab on each die with the die number, I cannot fit both my Cuttlebug and my BigShot on top now. If you fill the top with Sizzlets or dies that don't have the tab like Quickutz does, you will still be able to fit both machines on top. I think I am going to get rid of my Cuttlebug anyway so this was not an issue for me. But the BigShot still fits beautifully on top with all of these Quickutz dies there. I just center the unit now instead of placing it towards the edge. :)

If you missed last week's post about this unit, look here. And be sure to join me next week when I will show you my Cuttlebug embossing folders stored on this unit. That has changed slightly too. :) Yes, organization is always a changing and fun process! Enjoy your Friday!

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Stampin Mindy said...

This is great! WOW you have so many dies!

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