Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Let's Talk Glue Dots!

Glue Dots! One of my favorite adhesives! I keep a huge stash on hand because I truly believe I use them on every creation! I use the regular Glue Dots, the minis, and the Pop Glue Dots! Love them all equally!

As I was creating a page the other day, I realized that I use them in different ways that people may have never tried before so I thought I would share my tips with you today.

First, do you ever want to use a Pop Dot but it is just too thick? I have had several occasions where that has happened. So, what I do in those instances is use 2 or 3 regular Glue Dots or minis depending on the size I want. I just layer them on top of each other until I get the thickness I want. It gives the piece a bit of dimension but not as much as a Pop Dot. Love that!

Second, do you ever find you need a Glue Dot in an odd-shaped spot? That happens to me a lot. My solution is to cut a regular Glue Dot or Pop Dot in half! I do this quite often and it fits in those small, strange spots. I have also cut them into quarters on occasion. Works perfectly! Below you can see how I have cut a Pop Dot in half. Love it!
So, use your imagination, and use those Glue Dots in a new way! Have fun creating, and I hope this was helpful! Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter--

I am a glue dot addict! I love them. I use them when pictures wont stay straight in a frame, under posters, and for keeping some of my miniaure teapots and tea cups in their proper position.
And,I use them to keep candlesticks up straight.

I discovered at CHA Orlando last year, the thinnest and strongest double sided tape I've ever seen. It is thinner than paper. My mother and I bought 2 rolls--a total of 20,000 precut pieces! LOL
I wonder how long that will last? I stack them, also.

Hope that offers some helpful ideas for you!

Thanks for this rather sticky topic!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Lisa said...

When my daughter was a baby and so little hair, I didn't care for the bands that squeezed her head and left a ridge, so I fashioned a small bow from regular ribbon, attached a glue dot to the back and simply stuck it right to her hair/scalp. The bow peels off easily and then a little water and gentle washing took the glue dot right out of her hair. Voila!

America said...

LOL, funny hairbow story above.
And hey- dont ya' worry cuz I too KEEP THE GLUE DOT business flourishing!! LOL heheh. Seriously, Id be lost without gluedots in this papercrafting world!

Tristi said...

I've cut my glue dots in half MANY times... I have to admit I did it because I'm cheap and I can't stand to "waste" a whole glue dot, lol! I go through the stuff like crazy :)

elainaann said...

Great suggestions. I just recently came across some glue dots that I forgot I had.

I have a suggestion for next Tuesday's tip. I was trying to cover some chipboard flowers today. I was tracing and then cutting out, but couldn't seem to get right. Hoping you can help!

Patter Cross said...

Love reading everyone's ideas. Thanks!!!! And Elainaann, you asked for chipboard info. I did a little tutorial last year sometime on my Memory Box blog. You can see it here:

Let me know if you still need help, and I can cover it in March for Tuesday's Tips. Right now I have post ready through February. Praise God for His expansion of my time! :) Blessings,

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