Sunday, February 28, 2010

Continuing to Clean!

Wow, I am still in moving and cleaning mode here! I never thought it would be this much of an undertaking to move rooms around. I am going through everything too since it's silly to move it if I don't use it. LOL! So, my move can benefit you! I have updated my "for sale" post. You can see all of my current items I am getting rid of here. I will continue to update the post as I go through my stash. There is also a link in my sidebar. Check the date to see when it was last updated so you don't miss something! :)

And Mom found me two more great goodies for my room! And the prices were unbelievable. Let's just say she practically stole them! Mom, you are amazing! Thank you!

I will try and get our next Scripture Challenge posted this afternoon but it may be later than normal. I also will probably not get a page done. I don't have any place to create yet. LOL! So, please bare with me. I appreciate all of you! Have a blessed Sunday!Photobucket


Cindy Coutts said...

Hi Patter! I do not envy your move one bit but am super excited to see how you set up your new space and organizational ideas! Your mom found some great buys for you! God bless.

Dawn W said...

Those drawers are awesome! I came across a set like these at a thrift store and snapped them up in a hurry.

Good luck on the move.

Becky Andersen said...

Hi Patty! I too have been just moving rooms around...and I think it is a bigger job than actually moving your whole house to a new one!

I just love your blog. I am hoping that I can join in on your Scripture book at a later date.


Becky aka AuntJo

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