Thursday, February 4, 2010

{Faith Journaling} Challenge #12

As part of your journal, it is important to share about your church experience as a child. So today, please share the following:

**As a child, did you grow up in the church?

You may not have grown up in the church, and that is perfectly fine too. Journal about it. God calls us at different times in our lives. Enjoy your time of sharing, and remember this will be a treasure for the generations to come! Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,

Thanks so much for the topic!

I am trying to find the list of every page so far. I don't want to miss any.

Traci S.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother again.

Patter, I found your list of words: hope, temptation,abide.

I can not find the list of journal questions. Will you please point it out to me?

Thanks so very much!

Traci S.

rhonda said...

Love this topic. I immediately started thinking of Bible school, Koolaid, and lemon cookies! (Leave it to a Baptist to remember food!) Funny what we remember, isn't it.


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