Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our {Babies}!

Okay, I couldn't resist! I had a little photo shoot with our "babies" yesterday! I take videos quite often but I haven't taken still shots in a while. It is hard to get good shots of them because they are ALWAYS on the move! Caiques are known for being "forever toddlers." :) Anyway, they were so funny yesterday. I was finally feeling better, and it was beautiful outside so I let the dogs out. While they were out, I took the girls all around the house--upstairs, downstairs, and all around. They had a BALL purring all the way! Yes, Caiques purr! Then we came back to their cage to play while I cleaned. They were being so cute that I had to take lots of photos. Sugar was a real model! Here are just a few I took:

Sugar, the model:
Playing on their playtop:
Kiwi coming down from the playtop:
Thanks for letting me share. And if you ever want to watch our videos, you can find them here. :) Have a blessed day!


Stephanie said...

They are adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics. They have to bring you and your family so much enjoyment!!

Deborah Saaranen said...

So cute and colorful! What a pair of sweeties!

America said...

oh my - they are soooooooo adorable Patter!! TFS, they made me smile!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Super adorable, Patter!!!

Vanessa said...

Awww! We used to have a Quaker Parrot ... this makes me miss him! :)
Glad you're enjoying your babies. They are SO fun to watch!

The Paper Princess said...

Your birds are adorable!

Ramona :-)

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