Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Printable Doilies & Labels

Oooh, I love doilies but I rarely use them. I think it's because I hate to buy them. However, that problem is now solved! Martha Stewart offers several doilies to print for free. They are adorable. I don't want to copy her photos and post here since I didn't ask for permission. :) So please make sure you check this link here. Each doily comes with THREE different shades of color per doily! You won't be disappointed!

And while on her site, I also found Monogram Labels to print. They would be great for tins, cards, gifts, etc. The monograms even come with SIX different borders!! You choose which one you like best. They are awesome! You can find the monogram labels here. I think I may like the monograms more than the doilies. LOL!

And THEN, if you click here, you will find Martha Stewart's best clip art. There are 49 pages of free clip art!!!! Scroll below the photo to see the link to the next page. Tons of ideas, and all free!

I hope you enjoy these! Have fun looking around, and have a blessed day!

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