Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Be Safe!

Okay, this is going to be WAY off the topic of papercrafting today; however, I feel it is important to share with my readers.

On Thursday, I told my husband I thought something was wrong with the stove because when we turned it on I could smell gas elsewhere in the house. I asked him not to cook eggs Saturday morning while I was off teaching a Homiletics class. When I got home, I called the gas company . They considered it an emergency and sent someone right over. Your house can explode at a 5% gas leak. We found out that we had a 3% leak from our water heater and a 1% leak from the stove!!!!! The gas was shut off, and I opened the windows as instructed by the man from the gas company. We just got a new water heater installed yesterday, and I am still without a cooktop.

Anyway, the man from the gas company was the NICEST man!! I told him “Praise God for protecting us.” And he replied “Yes, He surely did protect you.” I also told him that I wish they made gas detectors just like they do smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. He said "They do!!" I couldn't believe it! Why don't all homes with gas come with a gas detector? I had NO idea they make those. I have a carbon monoxide detector but not a gas one. The man said if we would have had one, it would have detected the leak earlier. WOW! Anyway, I just want to share in my praise of our precious Lord as He completely protected our family through this “blind gas” leak!!!!! I still cannot believe our precious parrots--Kiwi and Sugar--did not die! I talked to some people on the "bird board," and one woman lost 7 of her birds due to the SAME problem we had!!! Oh what would I have done without my feathered "girls"?

I want to share today because I pray if you have gas in your home that you will go out and buy a gas detector!!!! I now leave you with my new "siggie" of my girls.
I pray you all stay safe in those gas homes! Blessings,


Shawna said...

WOW, thanks for the heads up!! I always thought the smell was the only way to detect a gas leak. I am getting a gas detector ASAP. Thank the Lord, indeed, that He watched over you and yours!

Rona said...

thanks so much for the tip Patter - I guess I somehow thought that our carbon monoxide detector was all we needed! I will be talking with my hubby about this right away. So glad you are all safe!!

NickelNook said...

God is good!! So thankful you're all okay!...Nancy :o)

Valerie said...

OH Patter!!!
Thanks be to God indeed!!! As I read this the first thing I thought about was, "Oh NO...the birdies" and I am so relieved that you included their update. I am very thankful that you guys are ok but our feathered babies are so sensitive to things like that.
we have a gas heater, stove top and oven and our water heater is gas as well. I live in fear almost every day...because not only the fear of gas but our tiny little home (under 1000 sq/ft) is so under powered...We trip the circuit breaker almost every day...If the microwave oven is on and doing laundry at the same time...it trips...If the blow dryer is going and anything else in the house is on...it trips...plus when we unplug things like the blow dryer a little spark shoots out of the outlet.
I am so thankful you followed your instinct and called when you did.

BunnyFreak said...

Thanks for sharing the heads up. I would hate to lose by feather babies either. Praise God that he protected you and your family (including the feather girls).

Leslie Rodriguez said...

Oh, that's scarry Patter! Thank God that you and your family are safe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patter,

I think this is more important than papercrafting. I appreciate the warning. As I use gas for heating and hot water, I will invest in a gas detector. I too thought a carbon monoxide was all you needed.

Crystal said...

God must have told you to post this just for me. My husband and I just bought a house and we were talking about buying new gas heat stoves and replacing the lines. Glad that everything turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Patter!! I am so happy that you are all okay! Love your new siggy :) Thinking of you.

Mary said...

Thank God that you and your family are all safe now. I have never owned a home that uses gas becuase I have always been afraid of it. But I do have 2 carbon monoxide detectors and 2 fire detectors in my home. I am so pleased to know that they now have gas detectors. They should be mandatory in any home that has gas. I think your Tuesday tip was a great idea.Thank you for sharing your story and again, I am very glad that your okay and safe.


Kristen said...

I live in Illinois, and we are in the process of buying a new home. It is mandatory they install a carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of the bedrooms in all new sales. This is a GREAT law, in my book!
God is SO good! I love seeing so many people recognize him!

Cindy Coutts said...

Praise God that you, the family, and the birds are okay. That surely was the Lord looking after you. I love your new siggie for the girls too! Many blessings to you Patter.

Lisa said...

Excellent PSA Patter!!! I am so thankful you & your precious family are ok (including your feathered family! :) ). God Bless and take care!

Lisa Sturgill

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