Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's {Tip} Keepin' Up & Keepin' it Clean!

Okay, in my new room I am trying to keep it cleaner. I have always cleaned between projects but sometimes during the "busyness," it wouldn't get done or the floor might get full of things. Sometimes it stayed "okay," and sometimes it was a disaster. I think some of y'all can relate. :)

So, what am I doing different? Well, I have always written down the supplies I use on a project in one of my daughter's old school calendars. Then when I had a chance, I would type it into my Excel spreadsheet. I always have written down the supplies used when I was done with a project as I put everything away. Well, this past week I have tried an experiment--I am writing down what I use as I use it and immediately putting it away. Wow, what a difference it makes to work in on a completely clean table as I am going along. I love it! Here is my notebook (old calendar) I use:
It's not fancy, and I scribble and use abbreviations. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just needs to help me remember what I use on a project.

Now, will things stay this way? I can't answer that. Only time will tell but I sure pray I can keep up with things this way because I love working this way! I hope you will share your ideas for "Keepin' Up and Keepin' it Clean." And if you haven't tried something, maybe you can give my idea a try and see how you like it. I know I am lovin' it! :) Have a blessed Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by!


Michele said...

Great idea to recycle those planners! I keep a post it note pad on my work table and write down supplies on it. I usually do it after I'm done with my project. I can then stick in inside or on the back of the card/project. I agree with you on working with a clean area. I feel more productive and creative when my table is clean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter~

Thanks for your idea. The only thing I would add, is maybe a quick sketch of the layout. Then it could be referred to when you need a tried and true card quickly. Just change paper and color! :)

I usually note each item on a tiny post-it, and put away the items as used. I make a tiny sketch on the back and they are all end-up in an altoid can. Then I put the post-it in the card, until I download it and enter the information.

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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