Friday, July 16, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Your Questions Answered

Last week I shared my new craft room with you. Thank you all for your kind comments. Many of you had questions so I am going to take today to answer them all here for you. Some of the questions are from comments left here, and some are from the SCS gallery. Let's start off with my absolute favorite question:

Rose said...
oh i am so thrilled you are all set up and loving you new area :) you always give the best organization tips and i thank you :) ok i have just one question........... how do you reach your stamps on top of the drawers?? i know your "closer to the ground" lol sorry couldn't help wondering ;)enjoy your new room and looking forward to seeing all the goodies you create.
JULY 9, 2010 9:28 AM

First, Rose, your question made my entire family crack up! I LOVE the "closer to the ground" comment! I love being short, and you gave us quite the chuckle! Well, to answer your question--because I am so short, I have many stools around the house. To reach the stamps on top of my Scrap 'n Cube, I use my wonderful, pink step stool from Target! It sits under my desk, and I use it as a foot rest when I am sitting in my chair and as a step stool when I need to get those higher items. Isn't it cute? :)
And now on to more of your great questions:

Katestamps716 said...
It's beautiful! How big is that room?

My room is about 12x13. It doesn't have any doors but has two different entries--one off of the foyer and one off the hall to the kitchen. I wasn't sure it was going to work with all of this furniture but it does, thankfully!

Michelle Nolton said...
Amazing! I do have a question though. How do you remember what you have? Things like papers and alterables and such? Or is it a treasure hunt each time and you work with what you find? I have a lot of supplies and it is the one thing I have struggled with. I end up buying more and not using what I have.
JULY 9, 2010 7:13 AM

Michelle, this is such a great question. So many people feel that if it is "out of site" that they won't use it. Well, because I label everything, it is easy for me to find what I want. All of my Scrap 'n Cube drawers, my antique spice cabinet, etc., all have labels on them. I change the labels as I move items around or change what's in the drawers. For instance, I have a much larger Copic marker stash now so they are no longer in my drawers. So, I removed that tag and put something else in that drawer. I buy the labels from Wal-Mart or Office Depot depending on where I am shopping when I need more. :) Some of my labels include:
Penny Smith said...
I'm looking on my phone, so it's hard to tell-what are the small drawers on you desk? Vintage?
JULY 9, 2010 9:20 AM

Buffy said...
I love your room! I was wondering where you got the box of cubbies that sits on your desk next to the laptop. I love it!! JULY 9, 2010 10:31 PM

Penny and Buffy, that is an antique spice cabinet my parent's found for me as they were antiquing. You can see more about the cabinet here and here. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my room.

Jessica Wekenman said...
I always enjoy your Organizational Fridays, and today was a real treat! Your office is absolutely amazing! I know what your mean about sitting back and looking at all your stuff! Sometimes, when I am in a rut, I will just sit in my room and just look around, sometimes I find something to inspire me! But, I would never leave your room! What are all those wonderful drawers above your craft desk? They are like the hutch part of your desk. Are they a part of your desk? I love them! Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed it and always get great ideas from you! I love those vintage patterns in frames!
JULY 9, 2010 9:51 AM

Jessica, my entire unit (drawers and desk) are from Scrap 'n Cube. I have had this unit for over 5 years, and it still looks brand new! I also love that it can be moved if we move and when I change rooms as I did with this current room "re-do." It is solid wood and will be an heirloom piece. The company can help you put together any combination that works for you. You can also buy one cube at a time as you can afford them. It does not have to be purchased as an entire unit. I suggest you look at their site, and Cindy (the owner) is more than happy to help you personally if you give her a call! :)

henriqs said...
That is beautiful! I have a question. DO you scrapbook for a living?I don't, but want a room like this one! It is truly inspiring.

Thank you! Well, I do design for several manufacturers, and it brings in enough $$ and free product to support my habit but definitely not enough to support a family. LOL! I also have been paper crafting for 13 years so I have a lot of stash I have had for a long time. I haven't purchased a piece of Bazzill cardstock in probably 2-3 years. :) I am also a HUGE bargain shopper. It is like a game for me. So things I do purchase, I try to get as cheap as possible.

misscrete said...
our very organized!! I would appreciate the link for your paper storage rack. I've been looking for a better way to store & access my paper. Also, on the other side of your paper rack it appears you have some type of marker storage rack?? Could you tell us more...

ladybugg61 said... Beautiful "haven" to enjoy so. Absolutely amazing room, saw all the pics on your blog! Just curious ... where did you get the paper rack from? Enjoy your newly decorated space in good health! :-)

The paper storage rack I purchased from a scrapbook store that was going out of business. I was lucky and got it for $50. I believe retail is $150. It is sold by Display Dynamics, and you can see it here.

And my marker storage rack is from Studio 3 Solutions. You can see my entire post about that unit
here. I also know of a new marker unit being developed, and hopefully I will be able to reveal it here soon! You will not be disappointed!

Nancy said...
haven't read all the comments, but maybe you could photograph your curtains at night with the flash? would love to see a bigger view of them. great and amazing room! thanks for always sharing everything with us!
JULY 9, 2010 8:41 PM

Here ya go Nancy! I gave it a whirl. I hope this picture works. :)
Michelle said...
What a wonderful room. Two questions..Is your husband a saint? Is it always cleaned up or do you get it messed up after your projects?
JULY 9, 2010 10:44 PM

Well, my husband is definitely amazing. He works so very hard, and we both enjoy our hobbies and our cars--two of our passions. He LOVES to golf, and I love for him to go every weekend if he can. It's what helps him "de-stress." He also knows crafting of all sorts (paper crafting, sewing, crochet, and cross stitch) are what help me "de-stress" so he enjoys seeing me relax that way. We help each other. It's a beautiful partnership. I am blessed to say we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in March of this year. :)

And it is definitely not clean all of the time. When I work on a project, it gets very messy as I go along. However, I always clean up between projects, and I only work on one project at a time. I can't stand not cleaning between projects. I can't work that way. LOL!

Kris said...
You've done a wonderful job arranging and organizing!I have a question about the unit with drawers that you found at Hobby Lobby: how long ago did you find that? I've never seen it before....oh, and do you remember which HL you found it at?
JULY 11, 2010 12:00 PM

I have four Hobby Lobby's within 10 minutes of me. Only one of them carried this piece. I found it in March I think. Feel free to e-mail me, and I can tell you the location where I found it. The other three Hobby Lobby's in my area did not have this particular piece!

I hope this little question/answer post has been helpful. Remember, a lot of these items are discussed in older {organizational} posts. You can see a list of topics with links here. Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed weekend!

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Rose said...

well so glad your family got a good laugh! lol i have a friend that is 5 foot even and i am 5'6'' so she is always asking me to reach for her when shopping :) LOVE your step stool and of course it is pink!! i like your tags for labeling everything and will check out the link for those scrap 'n cubes. thanks :) congrats on 21 years of bliss and many more to come. Praise the Lord your hubby understands your de-stress hobbies. mine loves to see me craft too. God is Good!! :)

thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions. i love to be organized and get some great ideas form you :)

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